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Looking forward to your holiday but dreading the flight?

Sasha Holden is our fantastic Hypnotherapist here at the Hub. Hypnotherapy is an effective way of helping to alleviate a number of fears, frustrations and problems. In this blog, Sasha talks about the fear of flying and how Hypnotherapy can help you!

Fear of flying can range from general anxiety to full blown dread which overshadows what should be an exciting build up to a holiday and then quietly ruins the last few days as your nerves start to fray again at the prospect of the return journey. Sometimes the fear reaches a point where it affects our lives as we decide we just can’t do it limiting the holiday options available to us and, by association, our loved ones.

Whether you’re at the mild or more extreme end of these examples there is no need for you to continue to suffer. In just four sessions, hypnotherapy can reduce fear of flying to the point where it is no more than a minor anxiety and in many cases removed the fear completely.

This form of therapy is most effective when undertaken as a course in the four weeks just before travelling so if you or someone you love are quietly dreading a trip over the Easter or summer holidays why not book a course into the diary in advance and start to relax and enjoy switching your focus from the flight onto the holiday itself?

To make an appointment for a free initial consultation followed by 3 sessions totalling just £90 please call Sasha directly on 07921 677360 or email sasha@sashaholden.co.uk.

You can also find more information about Sasha here or by visiting her website!