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Back to School Blues

Our resident Hypnotherapist, Sasha Holden provides her top tips to help YOU with those back to school blues!

Back to school blues don’t just affect children. The early starts, tight morning schedules, homework struggles & general mad juggling of family life, so often on top of your own significant work responsibility, can really take its toll on parents too.

To help you stay on top of things and enjoy life so much more, the following three steps can really help:

1. Take some time to really think about how you would like your mornings/days to be…

Be specific: would you like to be happily chatting over breakfast / have 10 mins of peace to yourself over a cup of tea before the family day starts / feel calmer / perhaps arrive at work feeling properly focused?

2. Consider what one small thing you could do to make that change…

Again, be specific about what you need: setting the alarm 10 mins earlier / putting the breakfast things out the night before / not check your emails until you’ve dropped the children off / sitting & enjoying a beautiful view for 2 minutes…?

3. Think about what difference would that make to you? Create a really vivid picture in your mind. What will those around you notice you’re doing differently when it happens? How will you feel?

By considering these three things and very importantly, focusing on how you would like things to be, (rather than how you don’t want them to be) you will start to change your brain chemistry slightly. This will produce more serotonin to help you cope and feel happier. The process of ‘inner rehearsal’ whereby you vividly imagine how things could be and what difference making even a small change in your life will cause means that the change and the resulting benefits are all the more likely to happen.

What have you got to lose?!

For more information about the benefits that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can bring, see www.sashaholden.co.uk or give me a call on 07921 677360.

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