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Are You Simply Lacking in Self Love?

Mental health is the latest buzz word to be circling the media, medical professionals, working environments, schools and even the royal family as an attempt to break the taboo feeling surrounding the subject, which in the past had left people suffering in silence.

NHS England is reporting that the overall mental health funding is up £1.4 billion in real terms compared to 3 years ago illustrating that mental health is at the fore front of areas requiring investment and promotion, a considered ground breaking improvement when comparing this to even ten years ago.

However, you do not have to be labelled or diagnosed with having a mental health issue to want to improve your happiness and learn to love yourself and your life.

Family stresses, work deadlines and pressures, personal image and relationship worries are all examples of everyday struggles people face and often feel they are forced to accept as a part of life. This is not the case and change is here.

Having trained as a Therapeutic Integrative Counsellor, Life Coach & Mentor and also qualified as a Yoga Teacher and Mind Detox Practitioner, I have launched the 6 week ‘Love your Life’ programme and 12 week Transformational Life Coaching, both specifically designed to help anyone struggling with everyday stresses and worries. Life does not need to be one of sadness and struggle and by following my six week ‘Love your Life’ intensive one to one programme I can guide you back to loving yourself and being happy.

The ‘Love your Life’ programme is designed to focus on developing and reconnecting back to self-love, which sometimes can wane when life becomes hectic, busy and a struggle.

The six week self-love programme will focus on understanding and building upon your own awareness, compassion, forgiveness and freedom, with the overall aim of reaching inner peace and happiness.

The 12 week Transformational Coaching will achieve the same outcome as the Love Your Life 6 week programme, but it is specially for anyone who is struggling and never sought help before but they need help to release their past and move forward.

There is often a misconception with wellbeing and self-love that there must be something wrong with you, you must have suffered something horrific or only people with serious problems need help. This is not the case, everyone needs help from time to time to help get out of a rut, rebuild confidence and reconnect with inner happiness.

Ultimately, you do not need to be mentally ill to want to improve your life by reconnecting to being happy. Eating healthily and taking meaningful exercise or activity are all examples of taking care of ourselves through our bodies, now it is time to look after yourself emotionally through taking care of your mind and soul to find that self-love once again.

By embarking on either a 6 or 12 week journey of transformation you will rediscover your self-love, which will lead you to a life of happiness, better family relations, more confidence and a feeling of inner peace.

For a chance to meet Georgina and learn more, Georgina will be running a free workshop: ‘5 Ways to Start Loving Your Life’ on Tuesday 18th September at 7.30-8.30pm. In this one hour session you will be taught the most powerful approaches Georgina took to create a happier life. Spaces are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment by emailing; contact@georginalynch.com or calling the HealthHub on 01548 852355.

To find out more about Georgina or if you are interested in one of the programmes mentioned above, visit www.georginalynch.com where you can book your complimentary discovery call to talk with Georgina at a time that suits you!