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National Stress Awareness Day

It’s time to say NO to stress.

Quite simply stress blocks miracles.

Stress stops you from connecting to your inner light and you end up feeling like you’re living in a state of darkness, stuck and full of fear.

Stress is something that we can all feel at different times in our life. But if you’re feeling stress on a regular basis consider that you are suffering from a belief of ‘Not feeling good enough’.

This is a fear that we project onto the future and we wonder why life never quite works out how we’d like.

Stress blocks any chance of living an abundant life and creating a happy, balanced future.

Stress creates and manifest into physical and mental health problems. 

How do we remove stress?

We learn to say NO.

We begin to put healthy boundaries in place and work in a way that feels kind.

We learn to treat ourselves with love and compassion.

We take the time to self care and give ourselves the time to BE in nature, to meditate or do something that we enjoy.

We learn to put our needs before others and not to feel GUILT.

We ask for help if we need it and know that this is us being strong not weak.

We stop saying “I haven’t got enough time” – there is always more than enough time.

We stop saying “I can’t afford to do that” – money is simply energy and there is always more than enough for everyone (if you allow it).

We start to think kind and loving thoughts and stop beating ourselves up if things don’t get done!

We stop trying to prove ourselves and stop needing to please other people.

The answer to stress is to make inner peace a priority. So whatever it takes for you to feel calm and at ease, do more of this each and every day.

You are here to live an abundant life, make it your business to take back your control and life a happier life you love!

To Talk to Georgina about how to remove the blocks, beliefs and negative patterns that may be causing you to live in a cycle of stress, worry, anxiety or depression, please visit her website to book a FREE discovery call: www.georginalynch.com