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Q&A With Hub Team Member, Karen Monaghan

This week, we caught up with new Hub team member, Karen Monaghan! Karen is now offering Reflexology appointments at the Hub. With a wealth of experience, Karen is a fantastic addition to our team.

What is reflexology?

“With its roots dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, Reflexology has been practiced throughout history. Various medical professionals such as Dr William Fitzgerald, Dr Joe Shelby-Riley and Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham, (often described as the mother of reflexology!) are credited with its development. It is a natural, non invasive complementary therapy based on the principle that applying gentle pressure to specific points on the hands or feet helps the body to rebalance, promoting health and wellbeing. The benefits experienced are frequently reported as being very relaxing, calming, pain relieving and stress reducing. It also improves circulation and promotes better sleep, (to name just a few!).”

What inspired you to become a reflexologist?

“Experiencing for myself how effective it is! My early working life was in administration, a role I enjoyed but didn’t love. When a major change in life forced me to re-evaluate things and “regroup” I recognised a deep desire to help others in some way. I was reminded of my childhood dreams of being a nurse. During this period, I received reflexology and experienced firsthand the amazing results; mentally, emotionally and physically. This led me to train as a Complementary Therapist.”

Where did you train?

“I trained with the Eileen Gilmour School of Holistics. Eileen, a well respected member of the Association of Reflexologists, was a leading figure in the field of reflexology training. . She ran her courses at various venues including both Gloucester and Worcester Universities, inviting me to work with her as a tutor/ teaching assistant. I supported her in this capacity for several years before she retired to concentrate on her writing and other interests. We remain firm friends.”

Describe your therapy in 6 words?

“Relaxing, calming, tranquil, balancing, natural, holistic.”

Why Devon?

“I was born in Devon – my Dad was stationed in the area as a Royal Marine Commando. We relocated when I was young, but Devon is where my heart has always been so I have returned “home”!”

What else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“I love walking along coastal paths, on the beach or the Moors with my Springer Spaniel Domino.”

What would you say to someone who has never had reflexology before?

“Reflexology allows you to relax and rebalance while the reflexes on your feet are massaged in such a way that it will feel like walking on a cloud afterwards!”

What is your daily mantra?

“Be kind to yourself.”

If you’d like to book an appointment with Karen or find out more:

T: 07870 482204

E: karen.monaghan.reflexology@gmail.com

“I recently had a treatment with Karen and as I hadn’t had reflexology done before I was quite apprehensive. I needn’t have worried. Karen has a very caring attitude and it was easy to talk to her. She is very good at putting you at ease and really helping you to get the most out of it. Karen is very professional but very friendly at the same time. I will be going back. Thanks Karen.”

– A C