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Mens Health Week- Why Should This Matter to You?

Did you know:

  • Mens Health Week is 25 years old this year
  • Studies consistently show that men are much less likely to visit a Doctor or even notice signs of illness than women
  • Mental Health is the biggest problem young men face – suicide is the biggest killer between ages 20-34…
  • Men are less likely to follow up on warning signs of illness than women
  • Men are less likely to approach a Complementary Therapist unless prompted/ arranged by their partner

…and the list goes on …

Even in modern times men can feel the need to live up to the images of being the intelligent, capable, fearless, brave, protective provider for their loved ones.

Whilst these qualities are, indeed, admirable, they are not exclusive to men nor should they be all encompassing. We live in a world where “stress” is a word common to our vocabulary but the depths of such on our physical, mental and, dare I say, emotional well being can be huge if not overwhelming. Headaches, insomnia, muscle tension, palpitations, loss of appetite, feelings of performing under par…these may potentially be linked…and, again, the list goes on.

Each time I have written an article for the Health Hub website I have felt compelled to include at least a sentence on mental health.  I don’t think I fully appreciated the challenges and  complexities experienced until I had the pleasure of working with an amazing young man on the Autistic Spectrum who has battled with his own issues throughout life. He has received and continues to receive, the best of support his parents and family can offer but I began to work with him a few short days after a very traumatic event in his life. Following his first two days at school, his father suffered a major brain injury, with long term effects. This little boy spent the next few weeks in a state of limbo, being cared for by various members of his family. After months he was finally reunited with his beloved Dad but the journey for both, as well as his Mum, has not been easy and continues to be problematic. The tension this young man, now a teenager, feels, on a daily basis, is very real. Reflexology, Counselling, Physiotherapy and Homeopathy continue to provide support along with his allopathic care.

Please read below the testimonial of another male client who was not convinced Complementary Health Care was for him:

“When approached by my family to undertake a course of Reflexology I afforded the suggestion the usual high degree of scepticism reserved for all their devotion to various alternative remedies/ treatments.

Having attended several sessions with Karen I have been forced to concede that at least on this occasion they may have discovered something that is actually of benefit. I am unable to attest with certainty as to its direct contribution to my physical well being but the hours I have spent in the treatment chair have been the most relaxing and stress free time I have experienced in recent years.

The ambience is such that stress levels begin to reduce from the moment you enter the dedicated room. This, together with the confidence, care, concern and knowledge of the practitioner is so reassuring that at least for me total relaxation is the inevitable result. This feeling remains for some time afterwards leading to an undisturbed sleep that night.

It is more than possible that this emotional relief provides conditions which has a positive effect on the ability of the body to heal itself. I am quite content to continue the experience and admit my scepticism may have been ill founded” – Terry South Hams

So whether young or old, male or female, please help yourself or a loved one to heal and support themselves. Visit the Health Hub to view our range of therapies. We work as a team dedicated to providing the very best care. Interested in treating a friend of family member? Gift vouchers are available!

Karen Monaghan MAR

To find out more about Karen click here and to find out more about her Reflexology service click here!