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Our Online Studio Is OPEN!!!…And There Is SO Much More Than Just Pilates

Thank you SO much for your patience as we all get used to the technology and how things will work in class for the foreseeable futureonline.  We are so pleased to be able to keep you doing what you love at the Hub and keeping the social thing going in this new way.   

Maintaining our connection to one another and keeping our body and mind in the best shape possible are our key aims for you, over the coming weeks.  We also want you to have some fun!  Yes we believe that is still possible and are determined to bring it to you at home!  So many of us are struggling with our worlds getting smaller and adjusting to a new way of life right now.  The programme below is as much to keep your mind in good shape as it is your body. 

Each class has been specifically designed to focus on one or two of the key components listed below.  So doing something each day will produce amazing results!  

  1. mobility / stretch
  2. control
  3. strength
  4. heart and lung fitness 
  5. agility and balance
  6. relaxation and meditation
  7. FUN!!!

We recommend you do a class 3 to 5 times a week and tick off each one of the 7 components above to ensure your body and mind gets everything it needs.   

Given that your usual activity levels have been altered this class pass gives you the perfect opportunity to make up for it! 


Our timetable (below) has all your normal classes on it along with an array of other things which you will love.   

Each class has been given a level which indicates the ability level for that particular class. We suggest you see what your usual class has been graded as and you will then know which other classes are suitable for you.  

Our clinical team know your body very well!  Some of you are super keen to get started but may have concerns about certain things that you are having treatment for or have had in the past.  We get it and that is why our clinical team will work with each person enrolling on our membership programme,  to tailor a class schedule that meets your exact needs. 


With your bespoke programme selected you will then receive the zoom links for each class and thats it,  you are good to go and have some fun!  Just log in before each class starts and dont forget your water (or other drink!!) or any other equipment your instructor has suggested you bring along.  

We love nothing more than laughing with you all in class and we guarantee to bring our special magic to each class.  

Coffee Morning 

Many of you are missing your usual coffee after class or morning / afternoon walks in the countryside. So, we have combined the two!  Hannah will take you on a guided walk which can be as strenuous as you like or you can sit down with your coffee and have a natter with each other.  I personally cant wait to join in with that.  


You wont be aware of this but our big plan was to launch our new studio timetable in Sept along with a new gym space!  With everything that has happened over the last month we just decided to bring our plans forward and do it online!  We have also been talking for years about recording classes for you and doing live online eventsIts amazing what can be done when one focuses the mind in under 2 weeks! 

This applies to you too.  We truly believe that you have a wonderful opportunity now to get your body stronger, more supple, fitter and more agile than it has been in years.  You can also use this opportunity to address those ongoing niggles and problem areas too. More on that later in the week.    

So many of you tell us you want to do more exercise but dont know where to start so we have made it simple.  You start at home!  With us holding your metaphorical hand every step of the way!  You dont need to be super fit to start our programme,  you just need to be open to this new way of working and know that it can give you wonderful benefits even though you arent with us in person.  Our beady little eyes will still be on you and just like with rehab we will  build you up and keep you there.  

Please give us your feedback too.  We full expect that we will need to tweak things over the coming few weeks and want your help in making this exciting new service the very best it can be.  

We will be adding classes as we go.  I cant wait to tell you about Slipper Club!! More next week on that.  

So here it is our NEW FAB studio timetable.   

Call or email now to find out more or book your programme 

See you next week. 

With love 

Vic and the Hub Angels!