Abbie Morris - Movement Coach and Sports Therapist

Live Life Free From Pain


Abbie has a passion for bringing confidence and joy to our HealthHub clients.

Like the rest of the team, she believes that everyone can achieve fearless movement, and the freedom to move and live your life. 


Abbie's background is in sports and exercise science, but don’t let that fool you into thinking her skills don’t apply to those who aren’t gym goers or high level sportie types.

Abbie is here for you no matter your background.


Abbie uses the science and her awesome manual skills to work alongside the Physiotherapists at the HealthHub.

When it comes to keeping you pain free, robust and resilient, to cope with whatever life throws at you, Abbie is the one you need.



The future is bright


Everyone has a different interpretation on what it is to be and stay healthy, fit and well.

Abbie’s work follows on seamlessly from the other therapists, to give the long term benefits you are after.

She is your insurance plan for the future!

Whether it’s being able to move the garden pots or boxes in the garage, to something more high level like skiing or walking the South West coastal path, Abbie will make that possible for the years to come. 


Abbie is fab at reconnecting people to their body. She knows that being strong and resilient will bring clients the confidence to do the activities they want, free from fear and worry their pain or problem will return.

Life is busy and it is easy to lose yourself in day to day existence, whether it is family, work or both.

Abbie’s tailored programmes keep you on track, progressing and target many areas of wellness including nutrition, strength, fitness, balance and rest!


“It brings both me and my clients so much joy when the doubt and fear of moving goes and they start feeling confident and excited about the future."


Age is but a number


A huge part of Abbie’s experience involves keeping folk fit to work.

Lets face it, as you get older things become a bit harder and take a little longer. They often hurt more too.

Most pass off this general decline as the natural ageing process.

However, the problems most folk experience with work come from pain and their movement issues.

Like a good car, as it ages it needs more TLC and regular tinkering under the bonnet! Keeping it in tune takes skill, time and care.

It’s SO worth it when you get behind the wheel and it feels good on the road, not stuttering and making awful, worrying noises!


Work takes up such a huge part of life. Most overlook the physical impact it has on their body.

Abbie uses her skills to reduce and clear symptoms such as muscle tightness, stiffness and reduced movement, by using massage and other soft tissue techniques alongside her progressive movement programmes.

This alone will add years to your working life and also make it FAR more enjoyable in the process!

Those groans you make on moving will go too along with a reliance on painkillers! 


If you are plodding along, going through the motions but not feeling any progress, change or joy from your efforts; if you don’t know what you need but you DO know you want things to be better, whether it’s weightloss, improved fitness or strength; if you don’t want to waste life sitting down and have lots you still want to enjoy doing,  Abbie is your gal!

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people reconnect to themselves and become their biggest support.”



Abbie will suss out what is going on and what your barriers are, help you establish healthy, realistic, achievable goals, and develop a special plan just for you.

Leave preconceptions at the door and enjoy the process of being fully taken care of and guided along the way to your dreams.

You aren’t alone, we have a team cheering you on every step of the way.

It will even be fun!

Finding Balance


Abbie also loves helping people who struggle to pause.

Being busy with work, or family often means there’s no time for imagination or relaxation.

She enjoys encouraging people to have this balance - relaxing is such a major part of rehabilitation.

Abbie's Qualifications:


BSc Sport and Exercise science 

ProSport Therapist Mentorship 

Sport Massage Level 5 

Cardiac Rehab


Don’t forget to ask her about cakes as she’s pretty good at making those too!