Helena Costiff - Pilates Instructor

Let's Get Moving


Helena takes some of the Pilates classes at the HealthHub and is here to help people who want to move more confidently, efficiently and with strength.

Helena is great company, she is super easy to chat with, has great understanding of all things body and Pilates and makes her classes very achievable for those who haven’t done much of it before. There will still be the odd challenge however, so be warned!  


Helena is also a Pelvic Health specialist Physiotherapist so she brings a healthy dose of pelvic floor advice to her classes which our clients love.

“I love listening to people! There is just something so special about getting someone back to doing something they love - be it sport, gardening or playing with their grandchildren. ”

Finding Joy in Movement


Helena believes that healthy habits are so much easier to sustain when we are enjoying ourselves and above all she loves making sessions FUN!

“I like my Pilates accompanied by a healthy grin! It is a great feeling to hear participants laughing and smiling.”

Helena curates a great sense of camaraderie and mutual support among the groups she teaches, in order to help people find the joy of movement.

Helena's Qualifications:


• MA (Cantab)
• BSc (Hons)
• Physiotherapy
• PG Cert
• APPI Pilates