Naomi Abdelmola -  Physiotherapist

Getting you back to doing what you love...


Naomi loves to help people who struggle with their mobility and pain who are looking to overcome a barrier and get back to doing what they love, be it playing a sport, playing with their grandchildren, or finally trying out that new activity they’ve always wanted to. 


Naomi helps her clients move to the best of their abilities and looks at them as a whole. Naomi takes a holistic approach to treatment by doing a thorough assessment, highlighting key areas which may need some extra help and putting together a plan to address all those areas. Naomi loves listening to peoples stories and believes long term maintenance and self-care is just as important as getting rid of any niggles.

“I love listening to people! There is just something so special about getting someone back to doing something they love - be it sport, gardening or playing with their grandchildren. ”

Making The Impossible Possible


Seeing people’s goals evolve as their body changes, is what Naomi loves.

“Seeing clients realise they can now achieve things they once thought was impossible, is wonderful to witness”.


"The most satisfying part of my job is when people walk out with a spring in their step, a smile on their face and with hope that there is a future where they can live and move how they’ve always wanted to."


Naomi speaks lots of languages so if you fancy changing things up into Russian during your session, it could make things interesting! 


Naomi's Qualifications:


• Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) 

Member Chartered Society Physiotherapy 


• Member Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapy 

• APPI Pilates Instructor in training