Sarah Searle - Front Desk Superstar

A Warm Welcome


Sarah is one of the first people you will speak to at the HealthHub.

She is the lady who answers the phone and runs the front desk. She does this with such warmth, empathy, kindness and a big smile. 


Many people who call or come in, are incredibly nervous, scared or sceptical about if we can help them.

Sarah loves to listen and get to know clients better which is so important in helping us figure out if we are the ones who can help you.

She is great at understanding how important it is that you see the right person at the Hub and will take the time to figure this out with you.

“I love working with our clients, helping the nervous ones and hearing the lovely life stories.”

A Helping Hand


Sarah is great at helping clients feel welcome and comfortable, before starting their class or treatment.

She’s an expert multi-tasker and makes the best tea and coffee. You may even be lucky enough to get some biscuits too! 


The support she gives the clinical team is HUGE.

She is always sorting out our little (and big) challenges too.


Above all, Sarah does everything with such calmness and joy. Keep Calm and Carry On was written for Sarah! 



Daughter, Mum and Grandma to a lovely family

Extensive background in customer service in various sectors in the South Hams