Sophie Barnett -  Operations Manager

Helping You on Your Journey

As one of the first people you will speak to at the HealthHub, Sophie loves to listen and give the reassurance you are in the right place to find relief from the pain and problems you are suffering from.

Seeing the transition from a client's initial appointment to the end of their plan of care here is truly heart affirming and she is proud to be part of their journey to rediscovering their zest for life.

“Working here has shown me that people really are so lovely, and that there are the most wonderful people in this world who cope with so much on a daily basis. It's humbling to be part of their lives in a little way. ”

Supporting the Team


Sophie is also responsible for making sure the team are happy too, and they have all that they need to do their jobs…this includes a cuppa in between clients! Any excuse to have a coffee, right Sophie!


As a team we all talk on a regular basis and we all provide plenty of care and support for each other. The clinic is an open and free place to work where ego and drama is left at the front door.

For our clients, who are frequently in pain, worried and unsure of their next steps, we are always here to  listen, have a chat, make you a cuppa and fully support you along the way.

“Think of us as your cheerleaders who will help you make stuff possible!”



A Kickass Manager


Sophie is a highly qualified Taekwondo instructor and can move like no other at the Hub.

She can kick higher than someone in the Moulin Rouge!...Just so you know!