Wendy Farren -  Physiotherapist & Pelvic Specialist

“It is wonderful to see that people can achieve their goals. I love seeing how my patients change over time - both physically and in their confidence.”

Pelvic Health


Wendy is our lady that most people don’t realise they NEED! So many men and women suffer needlessly from incontinence and pelvic problems, as they don’t know that seeing a specialist like Wendy can end the shame and misery their problems cause.

Wendy has dedicated her work life to helping folk who have problems with their bladder, bowel and pelvic health.

If you are suffering from incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, menopause or are recovering from surgeries such as hysterectomy and prostatectomy, Wendy is who you need!

She is the font of knowledge on all things pelvic health.

By seeing Wendy you will finally feel heard and that a solution can be found. 


Being a Mum of 3 herself, Wendy is passionate about helping women who are postnatal. This can be in the weeks, months or even years after delivery, you are still classed as postnatal!

The stresses and strains that pregnancy and birth place on your body need to be addressed.

Women can love their body again and return to living the life they want, without fear and shame of leaking…provided they get the help they need from Wendy!

“Commonly ladies hope their bodies will bounce back into shape after delivery, but this is rarely the case. Getting your pelvic floor, tummy and breathing muscles working again properly is the first step. The second is to relearn to work them with the rest of the body, gaining strength and control to do the things you want. By doing this you will stop years of embarrassing accidents and avoid further problems later in life. It is never too late to start addressing the problems that started after pregnancy and childbirth”.


Fixing the problem is never as simple as just doing one pelvic floor exercise, that is why so many people have problems. This stuff can’t be learnt from YouTube either hence why there are specialists out there like Wendy to help. Because we are all so wonderfully unique Wendy’s assessment and personalised treatment plan will consider you as a whole person, not just your bits down below! 


“Everything is connected in your body and mind that is why I need to look at all of you when you come in to see me. By doing this I will then be able to create the right treatment plan so you can achieve your goals”. 


Being able to switch your pelvic floor muscles on is only part of the solution. The gold Wendy can offer is to then teach and train you to work them with the rest of your body as you move.

“Often people think they just need a quick check up to see if they are doing their pelvic floor exercises “properly”. What we generally find is that they aren’t and that these muscles are weak and being influenced by other things in their body, including how they move. Sticking with a bespoke treatment plan is essential to fix the problem long term and end your misery of leaking”.

“It is wonderful to see people achieving their goals, especially when they feel so miserable at the start. I love to make these big changes possible by breaking things down into baby steps. These things take time, so helping people realise this from the start and outlining all the steps in the process enables them to relax and enjoy the process of getting back to living with freedom and joy again. I love seeing how clients change over time - both physically and with their confidence. That's why I do it!"


• MSc Advanced practice physiotherapy 

Graduate diploma Physiotherapy 


Member Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapy 

Pilates instructor 

Upledger CST 1&2 and SER1

Wendy has developed skills in pelvic health physiotherapy by doing many courses over the years starting back when she qualified as a physiotherapist in 1985!

She was thrilled to win the ‘registered professional’ category at the celebrating excellence awards at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust in 2009.