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About Acupuncture

People come for acupuncture for many different health reasons. It is a tried and tested system of complimentary medicine that is used as a stand- alone treatment or can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine. Treatment focuses on the individual and improving their symptoms and overall well-being.

The aim of acupuncture is to get to the root cause of the symptoms and restore balance which will lead to a long term and more permanent health resolution. Whatever your particular problem, treatment is designed to affect your whole body and not just your symptoms, so you may notice other niggling complaints also get better.

The treatment itself involves the insertion of very fine, one use, sterile needles at specific points across the body. The insertion of needles helps to regulate blood flow, alleviate pain and balance emotions.

Acupuncture with a fully trained and qualified practitioner is one of the safest forms of healthcare you can choose. Many people find treatment very relaxing and often fall asleep.


What Can Acupuncture Do For Me?

Acupuncture is considered beneficial for a wide range of conditions. Evidence of its effectiveness is growing, to date most research has focused around pain management. Emily is happy to offer a free chat about how acupuncture can help you.

Acupuncture can offer short term relief and help with:

  • Tension type headaches
  • Migraine headaches
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Neck pain or chronic neck pain
  • Temporomandibular pain
  • Osteoarthritis knee pain
  • Support through pregnancy and labour
  • Overactive bladder
  • General well being
  • Relaxation

For more information on what acupuncture can treat visit the BAcC website www.acupuncture.org.uk.

Visit Emily’s website; www.emilyjanetherapies.co.uk to see what to expect at your first appointment.