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A Prostatectomy Doesn't Have To Mean Accepting Incontinence For The Rest Of Your Life: A Success Story

Jul 07, 2022
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This story shows how you don't have to suffer and accept incontinence after a prostatectomy. It is a story of hope, persistence, and how physio with a Pelvic Health Specialist like Wendy can work wonderfully to overcome your continence problems, letting you get back to doing what you love. It can take time, but is worth it when you get your life back.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Alan, especially on a topic that is so important, but isn't spoken about enough because it's often considered taboo. We all think you are amazing with what you have achieved!


“My name is Alan Chatting and I’m a psychotherapist. Last year, at age 69, I had a radical prostatectomy, which left me mostly incontinent. I felt very lost and unsure how to deal with it. I’ve felt keen to share my experience, because I know that many men don’t like to talk and find the whole prostate business embarrassing and difficult to talk about. I’d like to offer encouragement and a few words of hope!

I was very pleased to locate a Men’s Pelvic Health specialist in Kingsbridge. Wendy was very helpful and put me at my ease at once. It was great to explain the challenges and be given helpful strategies to get my body and my life under a bit more control. There was no “magic wand” effect, but my strength and continence have steadily improved over the course of the year.

My big desire was to regain continence, and that is slowly happening. I have now regained 95% of my continence unless I am especially active. We’re still working on that, but it is coming! I have also had a knee replacement, so recovery has been slow but steady, working on both problems. Wendy has been understanding and supportive as well as full of practical help, and I am confident that we will end up with a good outcome.

Everyone at the HealthHub is friendly and cheerful, and I’d recommend them and Wendy without reservation.”

If you are like Alan and struggling with leaking or frequent loo trips this report is specially for you. You will learn to top things to do to stop it.

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