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Back Pain - Stop Worrying About What Do to Do & Start Doing This Instead….

Mar 04, 2022
sore back

Every day in clinic I get so so sad hearing the stories some people have been through on their journey to the HealthHub and the treatment room. It breaks my heart how much and how long people suffer before they get access to the right information and treatment that can literally change their life. 

Before coming to see us, most clients have been told by Physio’s how to “manage” their pain long term and what activities they need to stop doing. This often includes their need to change careers to avoid aggravating the problem!

But I’m not most physios, so here’s what I say... RUBBISH! It’s total rubbish that nothing can be done, and you need to stop doing the things you need and want to do because of your pain. It comes down to the fact you haven’t found and done the right thing yet, and been consistent enough, to make the changes that will change your life and give you the freedom you want and should have.

I’ve been where you are suffering and missing out. I didn’t stick with the plan initially and therefore thought I was stuck feeling as I was. The face was I hadn’t “tried everything” and that I just hadn’t found the right thing. Once I did, I can do all the things that used to make me crawl back to bed in pain and ruin all the things I loved to do like exercise, run, dance, play with my daughter, pick her up, sit at a desk for a few hours.

I’ve written a FREE report telling you all the things to do to get rid of your back pain long term.


If you’d like it, click here to access it.


Here’s to finding lasting relief from back pain and freedom to enjoying life to the fullest!


With love,


P.S. We are re-launching our in-house classes from April! Hooray!  We’ve had lots of time to figure out how we can offer you even more to help you live longer, stronger, happier, and healthier. With VIGOUR some might say! It’s not just about Pilates classes anymore. There is SO so much more!




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