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What Food To Avoid That Might Be Triggering Incontinence

Jul 13, 2022
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Listen in my friend, many folk have had the odd oopsie moment. I’m meaning down below on the toilet front. This week I’m telling you about what to avoid eating and drinking if you are struggling with either bladder or bowel problems.

It’s up there with one of the most shameful things people suffer in silence from. Believe me when I tell you that every day, in clinic, we see how these oopsie moments can totally ruin lives and relationships over time. So, this simple stuff below can make a HUGE difference in avoiding another oopsie.

Acidic & citrus foods and drinks irritate the bladder and bowel and cause you to hot foot it to the loo. Tomato based foods are high in acid as are citrus fruits and spicy foods. Go for a korma not a vindaloo (did you see what I did there :-)).

Artificially flavored and diet foods and drinks. Avoid these as the sweeteners in them contain chemicals and dyes that irritate the bladder lining.

Caffeine and alcohol can make bowel problems worse, it’s not just one too many prunes you need to watch out for! For many of you, the idea of going decaf or teetotal is not something you’d like to consider, me included! So, start by reducing these things as a great first step!

Fibre is an important thing to eat to keep your bowels working properly. Most of you aren’t eating enough of this stuff.

Food intolerances and allergies can also really affect your bowels so figuring this bit out can be really helpful to stop those rather urgent and frequent trips to the loo.

Drink more water please folks. You need at least 1.5litres of water a day. When things aren’t right with your bladder and bowels, stopping drinking might seem like a good idea. But this can make things worse. Summer is coming up; your skin needs to stay young and beautiful and there is no substitute for drinking some lovely refreshing water. Don’t add a teabag or squash. Just drink some plain water and know every sip is doing you the world of good!

If you’d like to know all the steps to take to sort out your bladder and bowel problems, we’ve written these special, FREE reports just for you. Simply click on the links below and start fixing the problem today.


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So, there you have it folks, a quick guide the foods and drinks that are making bladder and bowel problems worse. Please do share these special reports with family and friends. The more people know about this stuff the better!


With love,


Vic and the HealthHub team


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