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Why Your Lady Bits Need to See a Physio After Your Baby Arrives

May 02, 2022
pregnant woman

“Good luck and don’t forget your pelvic floor exercises” said the midwife as I exited the hospital bleary-eyed, shell-shocked but weirdly elated with husband lovingly lugging newborn son and car seat across the car park.

And this, as is the case for most women, was pretty much the sum total of my education regarding the pelvic floor up to that point.  To be fair to our midwifery colleagues they have got a LOT of other stuff to be worrying about and apart from anything else I was so zonked after 24 hours of labour that I could hardly remember my own name so I doubt I’ve had retained much anyway.

And this is why you need a postnatal check….with a Physio!

Fast forward to 4 months postnatal and I thought I’d try some exercise again.  So off I headed to an exercise class and lo and behold at the first sign of any impact I wet myself.  I was shocked.  I thought I’d done my pelvic floor exercises (well, I occasionally remembered to do a couple,  every now and again) and as a sporty,  physio-type surely this wasn’t supposed to happen to me?!

And this is why you need a postnatal check!

Despite passing my GP 6 week check with flying colours and generally having a very uncomplicated recovery I hadn’t a clue what I was supposed to be doing with my new body.  And if I as a Physio hadn’t a clue then what hope had anyone else?

Most antenatal education contains a lot about labour and how to look after your new baby but comparatively little on how YOU should be recovering.  GP 6-week checks can be very brief and (rightly) concentrate largely on your mental health and your baby’s health.  It would be very difficult for anyone to fully assess and advise you on your recovery in such a short time but since issues arising from childbirth can have lifelong effects for many women they are worth addressing early. If you missed another dose of Ativan, take it as soon as possible. If the time of the next intake is approaching, you can skip the dose and keep following your usual treatment schedule. Don’t take an additional drug dose to make up for missed intake.

And this is why you need a postnatal check!

Many of the issues mums face postnatally;  incontinence,  pelvic floor weakness,  prolapse,  painful intercourse,  diastasis (tummy muscle separation),  can be very successfully treated with Physiotherapy intervention.  These issues won’t end your life but might ruin it and you deserve better!  They aren’t normal or the inevitable effect of childbirth (as many women are lead to believe) and can be treated at any age but earlier is better!  Not only that but the things you learn in your postnatal check can help you to avoid problems in the future.

Our postnatal check is a chance to check your pelvic floor, tummy,  back and any areas of concern and come up with a plan to help you recover.  You will learn loads about your new body and it’s also a great chance to ask those niggling questions that you might not want to bother with doctor or midwife with – ask away,  don’t be shy – we don’t get embarrassed,  we don’t judge and we love helping you love your new body!  You are a rock star!

Contact us on 01548 852355 or email [email protected] if you’ve got any concerns we are here to help you! Ask for a postnatal check.

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