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We’ve got some great news for you…..

Because of the ongoing success of our clinic we are growing rather rapidly which means we are looking for a new full time Physio AND part time massage therapist to join our team here at the Hub. 
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14 Valuable Lessons for Long Lasting Health and Wellbeing in ALL You Do

There are loads of ways to get from A to B and it is never in a straight line! Everyone’s route is different because of all the things (situations, jobs, injuries, beliefs, demands on our time etc etc) that make us wonderfully unique in this world.
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We are 10! Happy Birthday QuayPhysio!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have given us here at QP and the Hub,  for teaching us things we needed to know and learn,  for letting us help you and for your ongoing support.  You mean the world to us and we look forward to sharing our expanding vision for the HealthHub over the coming 10 years!
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Our expert on Pelvic Health, the wonderful Wendy Farren, writes this fascinating article about orca and the Menopause.
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Fancy a little inspiration this Sunday? Today's blog is courtesy of the fabulous Ian, who, as we speak is doing something marvellous with his new found body and freedom! Not sure if that is even a term but perhaps it should be as you will see if you read on below.....
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Mens Health Week- Why Should This Matter to You?

Did you know: Mens Health Week is 25 years old this year Studies consistently show that men are much less likely to visit a Doctor or even notice signs of illness than women...
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Q&A with Hub Yoga Teacher, Jules Turner

We caught up with yogi team member, Jules to find out more about her love of yoga!...
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Q&A With Hub Team Member, Emily Hutchings

Meet one of our newest Hub team members, Emily Hutchings! We are so pleased to welcome Emily to the team! Emily is highly skilled in her field and is now …

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Are You Simply Lacking in Self Love?

Mental health is the latest buzz word to be circling the media, medical professionals, working environments, schools and even the royal family as an attempt to break the taboo feeling surrounding the subject, which in the past had left people suffering in silence...
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Try Yoga: There’s a Flavour for Everyone

Are you confused by the endless different names given to yoga practices? Are you unsure how yoga could be beneficial to you? Sarah Scott, HealthHub yoga teacher explains more!
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