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Hub Classes


We run lots of classes through out the week. From dance to yoga to pilates and meditation. Different styles to suit everyone. It is REALLY important to us that you get properly looked after in our classes and feel confident in what you are doing so you get the most from your body. Please speak to our instructors before attending to book your place.

Manic Monday


Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates


Yin & Hatha Yoga with Meditation with Georgina

Ruby Tuesday

09.15 – 10.15

Advanced Pilates



Mobility & Bone


Clinical Pilates

11.30 – 12.30


Mobility & Bone


Clinical Pilates

15.45 – 16.45

Clinical Pilates


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jules

Hump Day Wednesday


Gentle Clinical Pilates


Clinical Pilates

Thirsty Thursday

09.30 – 10.30

‘Man Club’

Clinical Pilates

10.45 – 11.45

Clinical Pilates


Affinity Dance South Hams

‘Mini’s’ Modern (age 3-5)


Modern/Freestyle Juniors (age 6-11)


Acro Dance Juniors (age 6-11)


Acro Dance Seniors (age 11-16)


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jules

Friday I'm In Love


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jules


Clinical Pilates


Gentle Clinical Pilates


Yin Yoga with Sarah Scott

Super Saturday

There are no Hub classes currently running on a Saturday.

Class Guide

Clinical Pilates

For those who have completed our one to one assessment. As we only have small classes we can accommodate any age or ability into our friendly and fun classes. Some people may still be under our Physio care and using the class as a form of rehab.

Advanced Clinical Pilates

This class is for those of you who we know very well and are able to cope with a higher intensity class. It is not suitable for those who have current rehab needs or have only been doing class a few months.

Man Club

Is our special class for gents only which we don’t call Clinical Pilates but that is what it is! Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone! We have great fun, lots of laughs and the music is rather good too!

Balance, Mobility & Bone Strength Pilates

This class is for you if you struggle to get on and off the floor, have concerns about your balance and falling, have had joint replacements, a diagnosis of osteoporosis or arthritis. The class will be conducted in standing and seated positions.

Classes in a range of styles for different ages and abilities! Classes develop creativity, whilst learning a variety of performance and technical skills in a safe and happy environment.
“I can’t recommend Affinity Dance highly enough. Quality coaching sessions in a wonderfully fun and friendly environment, led by the ever professional Faye whom the children admire and respect, whilst teaching them a wide range of exciting dance routines.”

Yin Yoga with Sarah Scott

Embracing the Hubs “Friday Im in Love” feeling, why not give yourself some tlc? Come and enjoy 60 minutes of wonderfully serene yoga in which you will soften into the healing benefits of opening up connective tissues. Release tension, create space and vitality and alleviate stress at a physical, mental or emotional level. Float off into the weekend with a happy heart and soul!

Floor-based postures are held for 3-5 minutes, opening into the thicker layers of connective tissues around the joints. In stillness, the physical, energetic, emotional and mental states of being are refined and aligned through heightened inner awareness allowing you to:  Release connective tissue tension, boost energy and circulation, create space and vitality, develop mental clarity, cultivate creativity, alleviate stress, soften into serenity. Places are limited so to reserve a place call Sarah on 07879 627939.

Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jules Turner

Vinyasa flow classes are built around creative and varied sequences of postures linked by the breath in a flowing style, sometimes with longer holds. Breath focus is integrated throughout the class, helping to centre and quieten the mind. Vinyasa flow tends to be more physically demanding as, in places, they flow more quickly and more energetically than your typical yoga class. They may be set to music to promote focusing inwards and establishing rhythm.

Ashtanga classes are a set sequence of postures which flow with the breath. They do not differ each time, allowing the body to become familiar with each posture and the mind to quieten and work deeper into each asana.

This class creates a fusion of both of these practices, linking the regiment of sun salutations seen in Ashtanga, with the creative flow seen in Vinyasa. The main focuses are, core strength, flexibility and balance.

To book one of these classes contact Jules:

T: 07717782563

E: julesmturner@gmail.com

Yoga with Georgina: Hatha – Yin – Restorative – Meditation

Each class with Georgina is a blissful blend of Yin and gentle Hatha Yoga with Mindfulness Meditation and guided relaxation. This fusion of gentle yoga is the perfect antidote to a busy life! Create flexibility, ease tension and clam the mind. Stop, breathe, tune inwards and discover your inner peace.

T: 07495735778

E: contact@georginalynch.com

W: www.georginalynch.com