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Emma Rushe- BSc Nutr Med, EEM-CP

Nutritional Therapist & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Emma grew up just outside of London, and moved to Devon (via Bath!) nearly two years ago. She trained as a Nutritional Therapist 10 years ago, and has been busy helping clients optimise their diets and improve their health ever since.

Emma realised early in life that what she ate had a profound impact on how she felt, both positively and negatively, and this sparked a lifelong curiosity and interest in nutrition, health and cooking. Friends often came to Emma for nutritional advice long before she was qualified! Emma went on to complete a diploma and BSc degree in Nutritional Medicine, which gave her the tools she needed to help others who were looking for a more natural way to manage their health conditions. Of course, the training never ends! New discoveries are being made all the time, so Emma regularly attends seminars and webinars, and keeps an eye on the latest research to keep her knowledge up to date.

Emma practices using the fundamentals of Naturopathy and Functional Medicine, that is, looking at the body as a whole, and searching for the root causes of health conditions rather than just dealing with presenting symptoms. Emma has gained many years of experience working with a range of different dietary approaches, as well as lifestyle changes, supplements where necessary, and she can also recommend a wide range of laboratory tests when appropriate. Each client is unique, with their own set of unique challenges, and any advice Emma provides is tailored, realistic, positive and achievable.

Emma also complements her nutritional therapy practice with a more subtle approach to health and wellbeing, with qualifications in both Kinesiology and Eden Energy Medicine. This allows Emma to check for and correct any imbalances within the energy fields of the body, which are every bit as important as the physical body we are more familiar with. Many people now believe that Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future, and Emma is excited to be able to offer it alongside nutritional therapy; it is a really powerful, effective combination.

Emma also co-created and regularly writes for the independent food and health magazine, Walnut, which she runs with her husband, Dermot. Emma also regularly writes and creates recipes for other blogs, organisations and magazines.

In her spare time, Emma can often be found on the beach with her kids, walking in the woods, singing, doing yoga, cooking and eating delicious food!

Favourite cake – it’s a no brainer: chocolate! In fact I am generally obsessed with chocolate – cocoa is a superfood by the way…

For further information or to book an appointment with Emma contact:
Phone – 07974 569696