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Physio & Founder of QuayPhysio, Clinical Lead & Certified Practitioner in ConnectTherapy™ & Clinical Pilates

Victoria grew up in Hope Cove and attended Kingsbridge Community College before gaining her BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from University of Wales College of Medicine in 2001. Her early career was at Guy’s & St Thomas’ in London where she had the privilege of working with some inspiring clinicians and made some Physio mates for life! Victoria also spent 2 years working with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in Plymouth, treating service personnel injured at home and on the front line. In 2009 Victoria set up QuayPhysio and is proud to be part of an excellent team of like minded clinicians.

Continually investing in her Post Graduate education, Victoria was inspired by a series of courses run by LJ Lee and Diane Lee in 2011 which changed her practice forever.  The Thoracic Ring Approach™ and LJ Lee’s more recent development of ConnectTherapy™, like the name suggests, shows how regions and systems of the body are connected, as is the body and mind. This total body assessment and treatment framework enable the treatment of each person as a unique whole, identifying regions of the body or “Drivers” that have the biggest impact on our movement, pain and how we consequently think and feel. By treating these regions we can achieve the quickest and most effective changes. “It opens doors for people allowing them to do things they never thought they could or would again. Whats not to love! It makes sense to patients too” says Victoria.

Victoria is one of only 3 people in the UK and 10 in the world trained as a Certified Practitioner in ConnectTherapy™. Last year she undertook a year long course based in Vancouver which trained her to a higher level of skill and clinical reasoning in this model. This years training and education are based around becoming a Certified Mentor in ConnectTherapy. Which means that Victoria will then be able to provide skills development and mentoring in small groups and patient consultations for other therapists training in ConnectTherapy. Exciting times ahead!

Victoria also leads the Clinical Pilates classes at QuayPhysio drawing on her knowledge and experience with Physio and ConnectTherapy. She has been an accredited APPI instructor since 2005, completing her equipment courses in 2012. At QuayPhysio we have a reformer and tower for one to one and group sessions for those wanting to challenge their repertoire. Victoria is excited to be developing equipment circuit classes and Pilates workshops in 2016/17.

Outside of  QuayPhysio, Victoria loves the outdoors and has recently become SUP convert. She also loves dancing with Faye in Affinity Dance most importantly so she can learn some new moves to teach her daughter!


Favourite Cake / Tea Time Treat: Has to be a yummy passion cake with heaps of orange frosting! Although tomorrow it may be a deep lemon tart. Got to love Delia!