HealthHub COVID Information


Last updated: 11/01/22

We are open for one to one services: Physiotherapy, Massage, fitness training, Pilates. We continue to keep up to date with all Government and CSP guidelines. All our team are fully vaccinated and doing regular lateral flow tests. For further information on how our clinic has adapted during COVID-19, please contact us on [email protected] or call 01548 852355.  

As an essential medical service we are able to continue face to face Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation sessions despite any further lockdown restrictions. Please see the summary below for more information.

We are still offering Virtual Physio sessions online. These appointments are fantastic for those who are more vulnerable, unable to travel to the clinic or are currently isolating. Clients have found it is best to work online with us instead of cancelling and missing appointments. Those that are cancelling are finding symptoms are returning or getting worse, they delay achieving their goal of treatment and they are wasting the time and effort they have already put in. Please call to speak to our team before cancelling appointments because you are unable to attend face to face. 

We normally send an email 24-48 hours before any appointment asking our clients to let us know if their COVID status has changed or if they are displaying any symptoms - we request that they not attend face to face and have an online appointment instead.

All our group classes are currently running online. This decision has been made as our space is limited, only 3 people would be able to attend, there would be several forms for you to fill in each time you attend, masks would have to be worn and you wouldn’t be able to get the usual hands on corrections from our skilled instructors which make our classes so fab. As our classes would be far from your normal experience we have decided to keep everything running online during the winter months. We review this position every month and are SO excited to welcome clients back to classes as soon as we can assure the safety of both our clients and team. 

Our extensive online class programme has been designed by our therapists for all ages, mobility and fitness levels. Each class is conducted by a therapist who will be demonstrating, monitoring and correcting you throughout the class, by watching you onscreen, just like they would in the studio. This way you still get our expert eye, care and attention. 

To enquire about this great members programme and keep you fit and healthy during the winter, please call 01548 852355 or email [email protected] for more information.