Meet the team


Our team are just that, an “A” TEAM. Everyone plays their part to get you back to moving and living with freedom, joy, and without limitation. We are passionate about helping people overcome their physical pains, movement problems, and continence issues. We work together, giving you masses of expertise in finding and treating the cause of your problems so you can build the strength, resilience, and confidence to live the life you want to live. 


Based in Kingsbridge, South Hams, Devon, we help people find long term solutions to finally return to the activities they love, through a unique combination of hands-on treatment, targeted, progressive exercise programmes, coaching, and classes. We have built a hugely supportive community where our clients feel truly taken care of, listened to, inspired to move forward, and motivated to stay well. Thanks to online appointments we can also help people who live further afield. 


We are known for our compassionate, proactive, and positive approach to healthcare which considers you as a whole person with all your wonderful uniqueness. We are dedicated geeks who love learning, growing, and studying the therapeutic treatment and training techniques which enable us to give you long term, and often life changing transformations


The HealthHub is a place of calm, positivity, and joy. We love what we do and we love working together. This has a big impact on your experiences with us.


Click on the images to learn more about our awesome team and how they can help you.

Victoria Rendle 

I’m the one who started the HealthHub (previously QuayPhysio). I’m a Physiotherapist and also teach mat and equipment Pilates

Wendy Farren 

I’m the Pelvic Health specialist physiotherapist at the HealthHub. I also teach Pilates


Naomi Abdelmola

I'm one of the physiotherapists at The HealthHub, who helps you get back to moving freely and loving life. I also teach Pilates


Abbie Morris 

I’m the sports therapist as well as massage therapist at the HealthHub.



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Sophie Barnett 

I'm the one who manages the HealthHub to make sure things run smoothly, so you get the best possible care.

Niamh Alford

I'm the one who sends you weekly newsletters, manages the website, and keeps you updated on social media.

Sue Darke

I'm the one who looks after accounts and makes sure the finances run smoothly.

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