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14 Valuable Lessons for Long Lasting Health and Wellbeing in ALL You Do

May 30, 2022
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Our ten year anniversary has been a wonderful cause for reflection recently and the ups and downs to reach this milestone mirrors many of our clients rehabilitation journey. Maybe some of the words below will resonate with you as they have done so with myself and the team. Please let us know your thoughts and what has worked for you, we love to hear from you too.

1. Everything truly is figureoutable (as Marie Forleo laments).  If it is a big enough priority for you in your life then there really is a way to figure it all out.

2. There are loads of ways to get from A to B and it is never in a straight line!  Everyone’s route is different because of all the things (situations, jobs, injuries, beliefs, demands on our time etc etc) that make us wonderfully unique in this world.

3. Life, much like your health and wellbeing is a game of snakes and ladders.  Things always change.  Often in ways and at times we weren’t expecting or planned for.  There will always be a snake but equally there will always be a ladder if you are able to recognise it and choose to get on it.

4.  There are many ways to look at any situation or circumstance in your life.  Some of these ways will help you and some will hinder you.  There will always be a positive way to look at it and for most of us, doing this takes practice, courage and faith to do.  There will also be something valuable to learn.

5.  Trust and have faith in the process of all that is in your world.  Learning about anything, including yourself is a positive thing and can only be beneficial in helping you grow.

6.  No one knows everything.  They only know their things.  These things may not be the things that can help and benefit you in your journey at this moment in time but may be something for another time.  So, remember point 2 and loop back around.

7.  Timing is everything.  Things aren’t often complicated they are just specific.  Learning to focus on the ONE most important thing that by doing it, will help all the other things going on is a fab thing to learn to do.  This will avoid overwhelm and you can progress / change / help / improve and keep forward momentum.

8.  Being adaptable makes you robust.  Being able to cope with change and new things means changing or creating new habits.  New habits take time to become habits and your new normal.  Whether this is new movement habits or thinking habits, it doesn’t happen overnight.  Your brain needs to re-wire to do this and it takes time so be patient!  Remember point 2!

9.  Investing in the most important and vital asset you have on a daily basis ie: YOU (body, mind and soul) is the best use of your time and resources.  Maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing takes effort and time but without it absolutely EVERYTHING becomes that much much harder.

10.  How you fuel yourself will dictate how you feel as this is what your body and mind needs to work properly.  Fuel dictates your energy levels.  Fuel is what you eat and drink, it is also what you think, feel, how much and how you rest, exercise and play.  Spending time with people is also fuel and can influence your energy is positive and negative ways.  Be aware of how certain people can affect your energy levels.  You need many many things to fuel yourself correctly to cope with your daily challenges.  So carefully consider how you are fuelling yourself at all times and what you need every day. A common misunderstanding: a lack of care is not the cause of most acne. Acne has nothing to do with a lack of cleanliness and washing: it is not caused by dirt from outside, but by sebum and bacteria in the skin. Many in this comment section at are worried about getting dry skin with Accutane. Don’t be. It’s only temporary, I can guarantee you.

11.  STOP and pause numerous times in the day to look inwards.  Notice your breathing and how you are feeling.  This moment will give you insight into what you need to do in order to sustain your best forward movement.  This practice will help you SLOW DOWN.  Stopping hourly to pause if only for 5 breaths to check in with your self will often save you time as you will give yourself the space to make better choices.

12.  Be KIND to and LOVE yourself.  Practice compassion with yourself.  Speak to and treat yourself as you would your loved ones.  You are the only thing you can influence and change and so always be curious about how you can best do this to help the situations you find yourself in.  Extend this kindness and love to others too.  Just as people never know the full story of your life, you never know the full story of theirs.  Be VULNERABLE, embrace it and be real.  Being vulnerable as Brene Brown says is the birth place of love and connection with others.

13.  Learning about your own mind and how to help / control / influence / listen / quieten / re-direct its focus is invaluable.  It is the most complex operating system in the world and it doesn’t come with a users manual!  The benefits of meditation for this are off the scale good and it only takes 10 minutes a day! Just do it.

14.  Done is better than perfect. REPEAT, repeat over and over again!




originally posted 12th November 2019  

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