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How to manage your time this summer so you progress instead of losing your healthy habits

Jun 21, 2023

Most people love working out in summer – the weather is better, daylight hours are longer, and the whole vibe feels happier. But not everyone finds it easy to stick to a healthy routine in the summer months. It’s not that you don’t want to…it’s just tricky. There are so many more social events in summer, and the heat makes outside beachy activities sound so appealing!

If you find it difficult to keep to your health and fitness groove over the summer months, I encourage you to read on.

To paraphrase a Christmas saying with puppies, your fitness and health is not just a focus in the winter months, but all year round. So why stop doing the good stuff?

Over time everyone’s body adapts and changes with lifestyle and that often affects how we move. Injury, surgery, illness, emotional or physical stress, poor sleep, or working long hours sitting at a desk can also impact movement. So why oh why would you drop anything you’ve put into place to support or remedy any of these negative health influences.

Often, we don’t realise that accommodating these changes can lead to muscle weakness, pain, or other injuries. So, to prevent that all from happening, I’m going to offer some tips, ticks and tools so you continue to be the best version of you all year round.


Morning exercise

If you’re able to exercise earlier in the day, try it! Not only will you avoid the heat of the day, but you will also energise your entire day with morning exercise and free up the rest of the day. Exercise, shower, get changed and get on with your day – what could be better. Usually, you morning is the most controllable time of day with the least interruptions to your schedule, so it’s often easier to do your healthy habits then, rather than later in the day.

There are no set rules on the type of exercise that suits early morning workouts, but we love walking, running, classes, gym visits, and yoga. We have classes from 8 am, a truly wonderful way to start the day. For those of you who have physio exercises to get done, the quiet time in the morning before responsibilities wake up is a great time to focus on you and set your intention for the day.


Mix up your workout routine

If your biggest challenge is consistency, use the beautiful summer weather as a reason to switch up your exercise styles. Water sports, hiking or gardening can be added to your fitness timetable, complimenting all aspects of health - including joy!

Not only will this keep your mind focused on exercise, but it will also probably boost your results too! Not sure where to start? Different types of exercise work the body in different ways, be sure to check out our range of classes - we don’t just offer Pilates.


Set yourself goals

Having a specific goal is always motivating. If you haven’t currently got a goal, sit down, grab a pen and pad and get scribbling. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to do next? What do you want to feel? It doesn't matter what you think of and write down - it all matters and needs a plan. If this is something you know you’re going to need guidance on, I would love love love to work with you and help you if you’re:

  • keen to stay healthy and physically fit and prevent future problems occurring
  • taking up a new sport, activity, or physical challenge and want to know how to get started to avoid injury or aggravate other problems
  • returning to a sport, activity or physical challenge after a period of time out and want to know where to start to avoid injury or aggravate old problems
  • having concerns about your fitness, past injuries, or surgery, and want reassurance and to understand how to look after your body and prevent anything worsening
  • ramping up the intensity of your existing training regime and want reassurance and guidance about how best to maximise your potential and avoid injury
  • wanting some accountability to ensure you create and stick to new healthy habits in movement, exercise, and lifestyle - maybe diet and stress management might help?

Then you can check out our HealthHub MOT service, where I help you with any and all of the above.


Plan your week

It’s easy to let your week get taken over with spontaneous picnics, after work meet ups, and fun days out when the sun is shining. These are all great and spontaneity is the spice of life, but don't forget to set aside time for classes or exercises, plan them into your diary like any other important event. Because they are important, and if you don’t they will get sidelined.

Try this on a Sunday, so you know what your week ahead looks like. This will ensure you make time for you and what you need. For some of you that over plan, it’s helpful to allocate time to tasks, whether they are classes or housework. Research has highlighted that we will do a task in the time given, so if you allow 2 hours to write something up for work it’ll take 2 hours, and if you give yourself just 1 hour it will take 1 hour. On the flip side it's important you are realistic with what you can get done, so you don’t set yourself up for failure. And if something doesn’t happen, ask yourself, was it as important as the other stuff?! 

You want to enjoy the summer, don't forget!

If you want to ensure you’ve got scheduled time for movement and exercise, our VIGOUR HealthClub gives you the structure and accountability you need to ensure you stick to your healthy habits and reach your goals.


Cut your workout time

Yep, you read that correctly! If you struggle to do long workouts in summer (it’s too hot, or the beach is calling your name) then cut your workout time rather than giving up completely.

If you reduce the duration, but crank up the intensity, you might have a better session! Intensity is one key training variables that can push you to your goals (the other being volume, frequency, and load). This is something we do in our FIT classes. Each person has their own level of intensity, so only work to yours not the Jones’ next door. Don’t forget the higher the intensity you work the shorter the workout can be AND still be effective.


Workout on holiday

Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean forgetting all about your healthy routine. With a little planning, you can mix workouts with relaxation no matter what kind of holiday you have planned.

Where are you off to? You can Zoom into our classes. Going overseas? Our members can work out wherever you are with our Vigour Vault, full of a back-catalogue of classes. Pilates on the balcony - hello!

The team here has got your back this summer (and all year round!).

We’ve even made you this fab free guide on how to get and stay fit. Perfect if you’re looking for tips on how to not let things slip to the wayside this summer and want to keep progressing

You can download it here

We can’t wait to see you this summer!


With love,


and the HealthHub Team


P.S. Don’t forget to download your FREE guide on how to get and stay fit and active, now and long into the future.

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