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4 Common Assumptions Stopping People From Curing Their Neck And Shoulder Pain

Sep 18, 2023
Woman With Neck And Shoulder Pain

In our everyday hustle and bustle, we often find ourselves caught in a cycle of discomfort - the nagging pain in our neck and shoulders becoming an unwelcome companion.

We may hold certain assumptions about this pain, viewing it as a necessary burden of a busy lifestyle or an unavoidable consequence of aging.

But what if these assumptions are the very barriers preventing us from finding relief?

In this post, we're going to challenge four common misconceptions that may be stopping you from curing your neck and shoulder pain.

So you definitely don't need to change your job and quit your life to overcome neck and shoulder pain.

Why Do I Have Tightness In My Neck?

You all talk to me in the treatment room about having tightness in your neck and shoulders but the question is never asked... why are they tight in the first place?

You weren't born with your neck and shoulders like this, it's come on across your lifetime, whether it started at school, or in your 20s and because you've lived with it for so long you start making assumptions like these...

Is It Poor Posture?

So your posture isn't fantastic, but who's is?!

It's probably because you're sitting down for 8 hours or more a day, and you never do any stretching or movements to counteract the scrunched pose you adopt when sitting at a laptop.

Not to mention, you're at work beavering away and suddenly the boss piles lots of work onto your desk and now, you're stressed!

Stress affects your posture as well as your positioning and even your breathing. They all have a knock-on effect on each other which can make neck and shoulder pain worse.

But you just try and work through it because you've got to meet a deadline, you've got to pick the kids up from school and you end up making it worse!

You're not doing anything proactively to counteract the stresses happening on your body which is why you'll find your neck and shoulder pain doesn't go away.

Is It Because I'm Busy?

Most of us are busy but it comes down to structuring your day and planning out your activities in a non-stressful and hectic way.

Most of us will run around day to day carrying out mundane daily tasks and not stop to take a breather for fresh air, a stretch or movement and we ignore what our bodies are telling us.

(We're all guilty of it at some stage in the name of getting things done!)

Living like this is going to make absolutely anyone sore and grumpy and let me tell you, you CAN drop some of the tasks that you work so hard to get done every day and nothing drastic will happen.

So what you have to do is reprioritise. Methodically go through all of your tasks and decide which ones can wait. But the most important priority in your everyday life is YOU!

Make time for yourself to breathe, release tension in your neck and shoulders and you will find you can be more productive and switched on throughout the day.

Is It Because I'm Stressed?

When we're stressed we often think we haven't got another option but to be stressed until the task we're working on is over.

Our muscles tighten, we breathe differently and we prepare to run away from a lion (that isn't even real!)

But we simply don't have to react this way! We all have a choice in what we think, feel and how we react every single day.

Now I'm not saying this is easy because it can be extremely difficult to set aside emotions and destress when you're in a stressful situation.

But there's no need to get so stressed you abandon your job, go and live on a desert island and be looked after by others for the rest of your life.

As nice as it would be, it's simply not realistic!

But understanding WHY you're stressed in the first place and starting to make key changes that are going to have a positive impact on your body IS going to help your neck and shoulder pain.

Maybe I Just Need To Get Stronger And Do Some More Exercises?

Movement and exercise are key pieces of the puzzle when you're solving neck and shoulder pain, but you need to pick the right exercises and the right movements to unwind the impact that your lifestyle and stresses have had on your body.

Only then can you become stronger and move better from top to toe.

So launching yourself into a sit-up, plank, high-energy workout routine is going to make all that tension and soreness WORSE.

The muscles in your body are used to loading in this way because you sit hunched at your desk all day. Your body needs to be developed to cope with the loading.

Identifying gaps in your movement and strength and addressing them by using specific exercises can help you work towards higher-intensity workouts.

If we want to tackle neck and shoulder pain we have to strike down these assumptions and get to the real truth!

Is Nothing Working For Your Neck And Shoulder Pain?

Do you feel like you've tried everything for your neck and shoulder pain and you can't pinpoint exactly what you need to be able to shake the tension and pain?

If you're feeling frustrated and don't know where else to turn, why not get a helping hand from us to get you started?

We're currently offering people like you the opportunity to come in for a free posture screening. During this screening, you will be able to talk to a specialist physiotherapist who can answer your questions, put your worries at ease and work with you to plan your next steps.

Arrange your free posture assessment by clicking here or calling the Health Hub at 01548 852355 where we'll be happy to chat to you about an assessment or any other concerns you may have.

More Free Resources For Neck And Shoulder Pain 

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