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Why Getting A Bit Sweaty Will Prolong & Maybe Even Save Your Life

Oct 03, 2022
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Perhaps you are like me, every time I do anything remotely that raises my heart rate, I get bright red and sweaty! When I used to play hockey, my post-match “glow” was more like I’d been sat in the Sahara with no sun cream on. I’d be bright red for hours after and (because I’m a lady) I’d perspire like I was in a Sauna! It didn’t take long in my youth to realise that wearing anything grey was a big no-no when exercising. It’s mystifying why sports companies love producing tight grey tops for us to exercise in which only highlight the valiant effort you’ve put in, in the worst way.

Becoming very self-conscious about my glow, it wasn’t hard to talk myself out of exercising before work – because I didn’t want to be red and sweaty for half the day. After work my excuse was, I didn’t want to be turn up to the pub with my swan vesta face.

I don’t get how people can run or workout with barely a bead on their forehead and not even look a tad flushed. Perhaps they aren’t trying hard enough!

Does any of this sound familiar?


What It’s Costing You by Not Getting Sweaty

Perhaps you put off doing more strenuous exercise, like me, because of how you look? It is a huge problem. I didn’t exercise properly for nearly 20 years as a result.

This one fear alone is;

  • shortening your life
  • increasing your risk of developing heart problems, dementia, diabetes, and stroke
  • worsening your lack of energy and fatigue
  • increasing your weight and fat levels
  • making your muscles smaller and weaker
  • increasing your risk of falls as you age
  • reducing your confidence

Now if that has scared you a bit, GOOD! It gave me an almighty kick up my arse when I better understood the science. The great news is that it isn’t too late to start reversing this stuff.

But you must start now! Muscles start deteriorating after the age of 30 and rapidly deteriorate in your 50’s.

The health benefits of getting a bit hot and sweaty 3 times a week, can’t be reproduced just by walking your dog or being “busy”! You need to work in high intensity bursts, but the definition of intense will depend on your own current level of fitness and strength. When working at this higher intensity, you push yourself harder, physically. This stimulates the body to adapt and change so it can cope. Therefore, when you get fitter and stronger you are more able to adapt with changes in your environment and the demands of daily life. Pushing yourself stimulates your body systems to respond more efficiently and effectively. Use it or lose it, as they say.

If you never push yourself to this hot and sweaty point you will physically lose the ability to do it, and feel stiffer, more unfit, tired, and unhealthy. THEN YOU FEEL OLD. You don’t get old and then this stuff happens, it’s the other way around.

Please re-read the last 3 sentences


The Best Type of Exercise for Getting Sweaty

Well, I’m sure you may have some ideas of your own (winky emoji), but science has shown us that High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, is the best way to stimulate your body to get fitter and healthier. It’s got masses of benefits which I uncovered in last week’s blog.

It can help anyone, no matter your age, ability, or mobility. When done in a controlled environment, getting a bit sweaty is safe, HEALTHY, and one of the best things you could with your time. You will need to get a bit out of puff for these benefits, but it is more than worth it.

Let’s dig into the science.


Understanding The Link Between Energy & Exercise

Many of you are going to be thinking you don’t have the energy for this sort of thing. I get it. BUT, provided it’s done in the right way, doing HIIT will give you more energy! Here’s why…

HIIT stimulates your body to make more “energy” packs called mitochondria. These little things are like rocket packs that produce the fuel needed for ALL your body functions, including exercise. The more mitochondria, the more energy you have available to do stuff!

There are 2 main way’s your mitochondria make you fuel. One needs oxygen and is called aerobic energy. The other doesn’t and is called anaerobic.

When you exercise at low to moderate intensity for more than 90seconds, such as when you go for a walk, this uses aerobic energy. Aerobic exercise has 2 benefits;

  • improved heart function
  • reduced body fat.

Exercising for shorter, higher intensity burst for 5-90 seconds, uses anaerobic energy. When doing this type of exercise, you stimulate your body to;

  • improve heart function
  • reduce body fat
  • increase muscle
  • increase strength
  • increase speed
  • increase power
  • make more mitochondria so you have more energy!

When you work anaerobically, you may get a bit sweaty and out of puff but look at the HUGE number of benefits you get!


To Sweat & Puff or Not to Sweat & Puff

Better stimulating your body to build and maintain muscle, strength, speed, and power is going to do way more for your body, mind and health over the coming years than just going on some

nice long walks that barely make you puff or shine. Anaerobic exercise which is what HIIT is, will effectively reduce the effects of aging on your body. Surely that’s worth a little bit of sweat?

We should be saying halleluiah to be a bit of perspiration and red cheeks. We should be applauding all those who are embracing getting out of puff. We should be praising those who don’t care what they look like when they do it because, they are the wise ones! They are the ones who are truly taking care of themselves long term. They are the ones who are lengthening and potentially saving their lives by taking this small yet powerful action.


And Finally

If any of this has made you think a bit and are keen to understand how you could start getting the benefit from a bit of huffing and puffing exercise, please either call us on 01548 852355 or email [email protected].

It really doesn’t matter what your age, ability or mobility is. You can even have a free call or Discovery Visit with Abbie to go through your options. Rest assured we won’t just force you doing something you aren’t ready for and that will make you feel rubbish!

Move over Sweaty Betty, I now say the Sweatier the Bettier!

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