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Episiotomy Causing Hip Pain Years Later: A Success Story

Jul 09, 2022
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Today's success story from our lovely client Hayley, is all about how hip pain and loss of pelvic floor strength can be caused by an episiotomy, even if it was years ago. If you've been suffering from pain, you don't have to just hope it will get better. Help is here for you.

Thank you Hayley for sharing your story and well done for all your hard work.

"My name is Hayley. I am a wife and Mum of 2 grown up children and 2 lovely grandsons. Having lived in the South Hams for over 30 years, I love spending time swimming, cycling, walking, and playing tennis but my real and continually growing passion is for yoga.

I had an increasingly stiff hip and was beginning to get pain after playing tennis and especially running. I also noticed that I was beginning to lose strength in some of the yoga poses. I’d also had some weakness in my pelvic floor for years. It worsened during the menopause, and I had accepted it was just par for the course now.

I hoped my hip would get better by itself but sadly it didn't! Being honest, I didn’t do anything initially because of the money and because I guessed it wouldn’t be a quick fix! But I knew it was time to do something different when the symptoms were slowly and surely getting worse, affecting more and more in daily life.

During my assessment Vic worked out pretty quickly what the problem was with my hip. She also wanted me to see Wendy their pelvic health specialist because of the possible impact my episiotomy (over 25 years ago) was having on both my hip and pelvic floor problems. To my surprise it was all linked!

She warned me that it would take time and some hard work on my part to improve things - which I was ready to take on. I saw both Naomi and Wendy regularly. Naomi was able to do some release work and give me some exercises that gradually increased the loading around my hip and legs. Wendy was brilliant with more subtle movements and the training of my pelvic floor. I needed to get the lazy muscles working again and helping support my hip as I moved.

The pain in my hip has almost gone. The remaining aches and pains are just due to using my hip in a different way with muscles I didn’t know I had! I am now back to doing all the things I love. I had no idea how the episiotomy during childbirth all those years ago was part of the problem in my hip. The bonus of everything is my pelvic floor has improved!

I feel compelled to share my story because I would love to encourage people to come forward and seek help for pain, discomfort, and pelvic health problems we don’t like to talk about and ignore for too long. I’d like to encourage people to be patient, stick with it and follow the advice and treatment plan they are given. I would not have improved if I hadn't found the time to do the exercises and movements I was given and stick with the treatment plan.

I have used the HealthHub before. It is fabulous to know the team are always there to help and support me. This has been invaluable over the years. I love the team and their approach at the HealthHub. I have known many of them for years now and having observed the running of the Hub during this time, I have no doubt of the professionalism and dedication behind the practice.

For anyone struggling with pain or pelvic health problems, I would say make an appointment now. Never underestimate how much the HealthHub team can improve your quality of life."



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With love

Vic and The HealthHub Team



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