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The One Thing To Do If You Feel Rough When Taking Painkillers

Mar 30, 2022
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So,  you know the scenario.  You’ve done something and it hurts.  Hurts so much that you are struggling to move, sleep and have that grimace on your face unable to crack a smile.  Something has happened in your back for example,  and you just can’t get comfy let alone get any relief.  Your best thing to do is jiggle like you were needing the loo and sway from side to side.  Sleep isn’t happening and this is finally what drives you to see your GP.   Thankfully,  they prescribe you some painkillers and you head home with your prescription,  knock said dose back and wait for the relief to occur… Sadly,  it doesn’t happen.  Instead you start feeling rough.  Rougher than before you took them and now,  not only are you dealing with horrid pain levels you also feel nauseous,  can’t eat or perhaps feel like a total space cadet,  wouldn’t dream of driving and can’t think straight let alone talk any sense!

In this scenario,  many of us accept these horrid side effects and either continue with them or stop taking the pills altogether thinking there isn’t anything else they can try.  STOP!  Your GP will want to know and the best thing to do in this scenario is head back to see them.  Tell them you feel worse with the painkillers they prescribed and try something else.  Your GP will have other options for you during this acute phase.  There are other options for you.

Remember that everyone is different,  as I keep saying to you.  What worked best for your family members,  neighbour,  work colleague etc,  may not be the best option for you.  Some of us are more sensitive than others too and with so many factors to consider,  including your past medical history, let your GP,  the expert in prescribing, decide how best to help you.  Please don’t assume there isn’t anything else you can take.  Go back to your GP and discuss other options.

Remember when you are in acute pain the most important thing is that you can get some sleep and rest and also start moving again.  Sometimes,  a short time of prescribed painkillers can be the most important thing to get you on the road to recovery.  It will also open the window to you being able to do some targeted rehab with your Physio preventing the problem recurring.  Don’t lose hope.  Hang in there.  Get some advice from the experts!

So, the one thing to do if you feel rough when taking prescribed painkillers is to go back to your GP and see what other options there are for you.


Originally posted 25th April 2018

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