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A Fabulous Tale of Courage, Determination & That Anything is Possible: Even After Broken Bones & Operations!

Sep 11, 2022
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Alice is without doubt, one of our most fabulous clients, and most determined lady! She’s overcome so many nasty injuries and operations since we’ve known her.

Having had a nasty ankle break and a couple of operations, she was told to expect life time problems from her stiff ankle but she found it affected so many other things in her body and how she moved.

Alice has now made it back out on the slopes, walking the coastal path, cycling and gardening. Things she thought she’d never be able to do again. Her determination and courage to put in the work and not take no for an answer have led to these fab outcomes. Alice has had to really dig deep at time but even then she is always a joy to be around!

Please read this story here if you fear you will never feel the same again. Perhaps you’ve had a broken bone or been told you will never be able to do stuff again that you really want to do.


“Before coming to the HealthHub, I was having all sorts of problems with lack of balance and strength, along with pain in my feet, ankles, and hip joints. At night-time severe cramps would happen in my lower legs that made a good night’s sleep impossible.

I was feeling very emotional about the whole thing. I was despondent and very low. I felt weak, old before my time, and hopeless because of my lack of mobility. I’ve had lots of problems over the years including a nasty ankle break which needed surgery to fix and left me with a permanently stiff ankle. So, I must keep up with my physio and Pilates/yoga to stay mobile and strong.

What most concerned me was getting some pain relief initially. But my body’s overall lack of mobility was almost more important to me as I felt so old. I knew it was something I needed to address in the long term.

Luckily, I already came to Pilates at the HealthHub and had seen one of the physios on other occasions for back issues, so I knew to book in as soon as my wounds had healed. I phoned and got some great tips like cross massaging the healed wound to help it heal properly and with as little scarring as possible. The physio I was offered on the NHS was good but very little and certainly not enough for my long-term rehabilitation. Whilst private physio is not cheap, I have found the detailed and personalised care package to be most beneficial- I particularly appreciate that, if needed, the physios coordinate with the sports rehab team or Pilates instructors to ensure joined up thinking and treatment between all the care providers in the clinic.

To be honest, I was expecting miracles when I came in! Which may seem a funny thing to say, but on some days when I visited, I came away honestly feeling like miracles had been performed! I personally find my mobility was strongly linked to my emotions and the feelings that come with disability are strong.

Sometimes you take two steps forwards (literally!!) and three back, and that can be so frustrating. But keep going! You need to be prepared to put in the work and effort. It can be hard some days when you don’t always have the time or energy.

When something in my body is mobilised and movement is returned to me, I often feel very emotional. It seems to release emotion as well as the muscles and joints! It’s an unexpected reaction but be prepared to have a good cry - and to feel joy and relief!

I know that if I hadn’t come to the HealthHub, I’d probably be increasingly immobile, overweight, and despondent, as I would be unable to do all the things I love like skiing, cycling, coastal and alpine walking, and gardening. I literally had to learn to walk again and trust that my body can do these things. On some days I still have my doubts but the team at the HealthHub are very encouraging and supportive, and I always feel so much more positive when I have visited- even just popping in to make an appointment!

If you have pain or mobility issues, please book in now! I’ve found over time that we often over think things and think the worse, but it often isn’t as bad as you think. Sometimes I’ve only needed a very simple exercise to correct long-term issues caused by poor posture a bad habit or a compensation I’ve developed from my operation! My injuries have been quite serious (shoulder issues too) but the holistic treatment at HealthHub has been so beneficial and life affirming. I really can’t thank the team enough!


Love and thanks”


Alice xxx



What is your next step? Pardon the pun!

An MOT may be just what you need to see if an old ankle or foot problem is causing underling pain, stiffness or movement problems in your body. You can either book a call with one of our therapists or come in for a Discovery Visit to see if we can help you. Please call 01548 852355 or email [email protected] and request a FREE call or Discovery Visit.


Don’t waste any more time feeling stiff and old before your time. There is always something we can do to help, it’s just finding the right thing. Be like Alice, dig deep and give us a buzz. We can’t wait to help you.

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