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Bungalow Legs: What They Are and Why You Don’t Want Them!

May 29, 2022
elderly couple with walking stick and wheel chair

Last year I was asked to contribute to an article a lovely journalist was writing on “Bungalow Legs”! It was great to review the anatomy and physiology as to why working on strength and balance can keep you living in our own homes as you age and living the active lifestyle you want to be living!

The article was really well received and raises some fantastic points which I’d like to share including;

o What bungalow legs are

o Why we get them and how they get worse

o How you can reverse the aging process provided you do the right exercises

o How you can stay living in your own home as you age by taking action now.

There are only two things I feel compelled to warn you about. Firstly, it is in the Daily Mail. That said, it really is a FAB article, not just because I’m in it! Loads of food for thought.

Secondly, the images they used i.e. high heels and perfect toned pins, isn’t in keeping with the types of legs the article actually refers to!

Please do head over and have a read and make the decision as to what choices you can make now to prevent bungalow legs! Head over here to check it out!

If this article raises some food for thought in your world and would like a call with Vic to discuss your options call 01548 852355 or email [email protected] now. She has 5 call slots available in her diary so please don’t miss out simply quote “bungalow legs!”.


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