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Don’t Believe 20 Years of Back Pain Can Be Fixed? Think Again!

May 20, 2022

I got this last week from a rather marvellous client of ours who has done SO well overcoming the limitations of back pain and knee pain. A real inspirational story. I figured we can all do with some inspiration and motivation in our day, to realise that change is possible. All you must do is to make small, consistent changes to achieve big things.

Well done, Graham! We are all so very pleased all your hard work and efforts have paid off. We also think it is fab you have taken the wise step in maintaining your gains in classes.

“Initially, I came to The Health Hub for physiotherapy for a knee injury. This was very painful and incapacitating, preventing me from exercising or doing everyday tasks. During the physiotherapy sessions for my knee, I discussed an old back injury with Victoria, and we agreed a more holistic approach to my treatment. I thought my 20+ years old back injury was untreatable after such a long time – I was wrong!

Due to COVID restrictions at the time, it was difficult to get face-to-face NHS treatment – physio sessions over the phone were not successful! The HealthHub was recommended by a friend, so I decided to give it a try. I wanted to know if it was better to rest the knee injury or exercise it despite the pain.

My experience at The Health Hub has been very positive. My initial expectation was to be treated for my symptoms, but I soon realised that finding and treating the cause of the problem is far more effective in the long-term. I became more aware of how my body works and how everything (including breathing) is interdependent.

My initial goal was to get my pain-free life back! Having achieved this through physiotherapy, my goal became keeping it that way. That’s where the better understanding of my body became important. I now do weekly “Man Club” Pilate’s sessions at The Health Hub to help maintain my movement and flexibility.

I am now able to do the things I couldn’t before my treatment at The Health Hub. I feel more confident in my ability to do everyday things and I have a more positive approach to life.

The team at The Health Hub are very friendly, supportive, and professional. There is a can-do attitude, and you are treated as an individual, not simply another appointment in the diary.

Like I did initially, many people just expect a “quick fix”. The HealthHub can help treat the cause of the problem. This is something you don’t always get elsewhere. This is what I love about their approach.

My advice to others is considering come to the HealthHub is to keep an open mind about a holistic approach to treatment – the goal is a long-term gain, not just a quick fix.

You get out of life what you are prepared to put in. Everyone’s circumstances are different but if you value a healthy pain-free life the professionals at The Health Hub are there for you.

My most valuable outcome is discovering that my 20+ years old back injury was treatable after such a long time! I would probably still be in pain with a more restricted lifestyle if I hadn’t gone to the HealthHub. In turn this could have resulted in being less active and the risk of new health issues.

I am very happy with my decision to get help from the HealthHub and recommend others who may be unsure to give it a try! Maybe talk to one of Physiotherapist at The Health Hub first, and if then consider a taster session. Think about the cause of your pain, not only the symptoms.”

Thank you, Graham. It’s been a total pleasure to be able to help you and see how far you’ve come!

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