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Give a Little, Get a Lot!

Jun 06, 2023
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Have you ever had one of those moments where someone’s kindness and help totally changes the course of your day,  week,  year or life?  I don’t think many of us have those that often but I was on the receiving end of a rather unexpected and rather mind blowing moment this week!

If you think you may need some help, ASK for it!

I’m not great at asking for help and suspect there are a few of you out there who are a little like me!  But I decided to ask for some advice on a forum I’m a member of for Physio’s in business.  It’s a really active international group and I’ve been staggered by how helpful and sharing everyone is.  I’m more of a watcher on it and learn from things others go through but I decided I’d put my question out there and see what came up.  How jolly bold of me, I thought!  Two immediate replies came through,  one of which offered to have a call with me to discuss the question.


When you ask for help, some people actually want to give it!

Why not, I thought, how helpful this person is and kind to take time in their day to help me.  After work on Monday evening this gentleman called me before I even had chance to make contact.  I then proceeded to have an hour of coaching from him.  He was exceedingly humble,  honest and matter of fact.  He was kind yet direct and then proceeded to talk about life stuff and goals I have for the year (the irony given my previous blog on not being achievement focused right now!).  More than I was anticipating for sure.


Be grateful for the obvious and simple things.

At one point he asked me to look at my hands and thank them. Be grateful for these marvellous things that allow me to do my job, hold my daughter and so much more.

At the end of our chat I was totally energised and bowled over by what I’d just experienced. I couldn’t thank him enough. He mentioned a book he’d written that might be a useful read.  There wasn’t a hard sell just on offer with no agenda.  I can’t tell you how grateful I was for this chaps time, knowledge, help and energy.  It was infectious!
So, following the call I googled him, expecting to find his established Physio clinic somewhere in the UK…. that is when my jaw hit the floor.

The first thing I saw was a picture of him playing tennis with Richard Branson, gulp. Why didn’t I google him first?!? Eek.


Let people help you.  They actually want to and wouldn’t have offered if they didn’t.

Turns out this gentleman often plays tennis with Mr Branson and is buddies with some pretty high profile movers and shakers. He’s not even a Physio and now lives in Orlando doing his coaching and happiness thing. The point being, this chap took time out of his day to help me. He gave me his time and experience without agenda or reward and for me it was invaluable.  He wanted to help and I was incredibly grateful I had asked the question and then actually did something very out of character…. let someone help me.

So thank you Anil Gupta, I will be downloading your book as I’m curious to know more about the three G’s;  Give,  gratitude,  grow.  I think there is much more to learn from this encounter and will let you know about the book!
Have a great week.  Lets do some G’s!

With love

Vic and the team


originally posted 21st January 2019  

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