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How Relaxed Are You Right Now

May 30, 2022
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Do you want to feel better right now?

Do you want to feel someone is taking care of you for a change?

Do you want a moment of relaxation and time out in your life?

If “yes”, then read on, this one if for you!

Did you know that all humans have a primal need for touch?

Many of us spend a massive amount of our time looking after others and if we live alone or simply don’t get the receive positive touch. This lack of positive touch can have a subtle yet detrimental impact on how we feel. Touch gives comfort. Just think how we calm our pet’s down – by stroking of course! Children and babies too get soothed by slow gentle stroking and patting. Some of us need touch more than others, no doubt and next week I will discuss this more. But my questions is, what about us as we grow up? How do we feel soothed, cared for, connected to others and looked after?

Our skin is the largest organ in the body covering 2 square meters. It has millions of nerve endings in it and a direct hotline to the brain. It is can sense what is going on around us from a warm breeze or brush of a hand to the coolness of an ice cube. It is also super clever at sensing and reacting automatically to threatening, potentially dangerous situations like treading on a sharp stone when bare foot on the beach or holding a hot saucepan handle. It is a clever organ (as they all are!) and one we often neglect – although not now I have my lovely REN products!

Some interesting skin facts for you;

  1. Your brain and nervous system develop from the same embryo layer as the skin.
  2. Skin to skin immediately after childbirth and as a baby is crucial in stimulating connection and connecting the baby’s skin with their brain for development.
  3. Touch is crucial for survival – think about it!
  4. Skin accounts for around 15% of your body weight

So those of us who don’t have regular nurturing touch can gain this invaluable, meaningful contact and feel good mechanism by having a massage! Hooray. Massage comes in many forms. Many of us can picture agonising images of elbows being used to release muscles but like the old adage, there are many ways to skin a cat – possibly not the right one to use in this scenario – sorry!

Depending on what effect you are after different types of massage can help.

Do you;

  • want to relax and take some much needed time out?
  • want to feel looked after, some connection and taken care of?
  • want to feel energised, revitalised and restored in a calm and gentle manner?
  • have a lot of stress or a lot on your mind and find it incredibly hard to switch off?
  • have limited positive, nurturing touch in your life?

These sorts of needs can be met by our new REN massage options with the added bonus of gorgeous aromas to help your body and mind in other ways.

Do you;

  • Want to feel more awake and full of energy?
  • Feel the need for being stretched out?
  • Have areas you want easing of tension and that have been bugging you a little?
  • Have a very sedentary job sitting and need to ease the static position you spend most of your day in?
  • Have a sports event coming up or just completed and know your body needs a boost and restorative care?

These needs can be met by our therapeutic massage series where our therapists can work on the whole of you or just the areas that are problematic. If they feel your problem isn’t going to be fixed by massage alone they will be able to discuss this with you and refer you to one of our Physio team, if necessary. Either way, you will be looked after in the exact way you need based on your specific problems and needs.

Some interesting massage facts from research in adults has found;

  1. Massage reduces cortisol levels in your saliva (cortisol is our stress hormone)
  2. Increases our levels of alertness
  3. Increases relaxation
  4. Decreases depression scores
  5. Increases mental focus

All in all, massage can improve your quality of life. Who doesn’t want that?!?

Let’s not forget the other benefits which you can read more about here.

So, we now ask you, would you like to book a massage with us today and start feeling the benefits above? We would love to help you start feeling better in your body and mind and also get you on the path to feeling good.

You do want to feel better don’t you?

You do want to let someone take of you for a while don’t you?

You do want a moment of relaxation in your life don’t you?

If “yes”, then please call us now. We have a fab team here for you! They are ready and able to help bring some peace, quiet and calm back in to your life and take care of you…. We will even make you a cup of tea when you arrive too and provide cool water and relaxation afterwards!

Please call 01548 852355 or email [email protected].


originally posted 26th July 2018

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