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How Taking a Leap of Faith Got Rid of Back Pain: A Success Story

Mar 12, 2023

There is a common misconception that Pilates is just for women. But this simply isn't true! Pilates is for anyone, any age, and any ability.

Today's Success Story shows that there are so many wonderful benefits to Pilates, including helping you recover from an injury and prevent pain from persisting or returning. If you have ever felt like you need something to make sure pain dosen't come back, niggles are kept at bay, you stay active, strong and mobile, then Pilates might just be the thing you need in your life!

This tale is special to me as it comes from my own Dad! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story about how pushing past preconceptions about Pilates and giving it a go has had so many positive effects, even years later!



"In my past life as a business owner and trying to juggle a carpet and flooring business, one minute I would be sitting down doing a piece of intricate paperwork ( yes it was all on paper in those days ) and the next minute fitting a heavy piece of Axminster carpet, trying very hard not to damage not only the customers possessions but also my sensitive back!

In the past I have had much pain in the lower back area and it had been there throughout my business life. But ten years ago, or thereabouts, I was introduced to Pilates by Victoria who thought it would help. I was very skeptical and thought it was very girlie and not for the male domain! How wrong I was !!!! My decision was helped by the fact the All Blacks Rugby team do pilates on a regular basis, and this encouraged me to give it a go.

I have never regretted joining a class and have found it to greatly improve not only my core strength but also my balance, which had suffered because of some damage caused by my past life in the flooring industry.

Since taking up pilates I have not suffered serious lower back pain and I will continue my weekly sessions forever !!!"

  - Trevor



If like Trevor you have balance, mobility or pain issues, you can give us a call on 01548 852 355 or contact [email protected] to find out more about what Pilates can do to help all of these issues, and more!

Joining our classes means you become part of a wonderful community of people, all supporting each other and striving towards the same goal of keeping active, pain free and mobile now and in the future. We tailor our classes to you and because they are physio led, we are able to ensure that the level is right for you, your body, and any injuries you might have had, meaning you are safe and able to progress without risk of hurting yourself further!

So, will you be brave and give it a go?


With love,



and the HealthHub Team


P.S. Be quick, we have very limited spaces left in our pilates classes and they are filling up fast! Give us a call on 01548 852 355 to secure your place.


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