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How to Stop Headaches Ruining Your Life: A Success Story

Jun 09, 2022
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Something very special, and dear to my heart for you this week. My Mum!

It’s tough treating family as a Physio, even harder when it’s your Mum! I often saw her and she had “funny” eyes going on. A sure sign she was struggling with one of her nasty headaches. You could see it on her face and in her body. Most who saw her would never know how much she was struggling with fogginess and a continual headache, from the moment she got up to when she went to bed. Mum didn’t realise how she was making her headaches worse by trying to correct her posture and the other self-help she was trying.

In this special video we share how Physio can sort those headaches, once and for all. Mum and I will go over how you can sort your body again, no matter how long you’ve been suffering. And life can get a heck of a lot better when you don’t have a pounding head day in day out and can’t think straight. You too may even be able to play the piano again or sit at a desk without the fear of a stonking head coming on. You can feel light, free, and get clear thoughts.

It’s a pretty good story and even more magical because it’s my Mum’s.



I hope you find inspiration from this video.

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Vic and The HealthHub Team


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