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Jun 06, 2023

As you read this today, I will be “relaxing” in the sunshine with my little girl before she starts school this week. Oh how the last 5 years have flown by!

I’ve got a rather marvelous new book that I was given by one of you guys a couple of weeks ago and I’ve loved getting stuck in whilst drinking a pina colada (or a vodka tonic!) on holiday. An amazing, kind and unexpected gift – thank you!

The person in question has been an absolute super star in the last 9 months, achieving things above and beyond what he was told or thought were possible with his body. He’d put so many of his symptoms down to age (as we all seem to) and has been amazed at the changes that have happened and more importantly the things he can now do that he never thought were possible.

I’m going to share more of his amazing story next month, but for now, here are some of his thoughts on the whole experience. I would be hugely appreciative if you could forward it to anyone who you know who may be in the same boat and feels there isn’t anything that can be done / that’s it as far as their body goes / ‘it’s my age and I have to live with it’. Hopefully it may resonate with them too and open a door for them.

Have a great week. Hopefully you will all be suitably impressed with my remarkable suntan on our return….who am I kidding!

Vic and the team

“I’ve had many wonderful Christmas presents over the years, but last Christmas I had probably the best ever surprise in the morning on Christmas Eve.
When I got out of bed, MY BACK DIDN’T HURT AT ALL!!!
I know it sounds a bit odd, but when I realised, and it took a couple of minutes for it to register, it was the first time for probably more than  thirty years that I’d not been plagued by lower back pain first thing in the morning! 
So what caused the change in my lower back?
Since you’re reading this on the Health Hub website you’ve already got a pretty good idea, but if you’ve any doubts I’m ready to dispel them.
I started a course of treatment with the Health Hub in early November after I’d succumbed to my family’s pleading for me to make an appointment to see “someone” because my entire body was pretty well seizing up. And it was becoming more than uncomfortable.
My first Health Hub consultation involved a discussion with my Physio as well as an initial assessment so no time was wasted. After having a couple of ultrasound scans (at the Health Hub premises within a couple of days) I went for my second appointment and the start of my “restoration”. 
As the weeks went by I couldn’t believe just how much movement I’d regained. I find it particularly obvious when driving. I’m able now to spin round in the seat without worrying at road junctions where before it was almost impossible.
I’m now finding that my appointments are becoming less regular and further apart. I feel massively more flexible and I’m breathing better as well. These benefits alone have combined in me having a vastly more positive outlook on life. Oh, I even sleep better..
Not bad in just over eight weeks!
I wanted to say all this because I think the Health Hub’s approach to people in my position is not only positive and caring, but also practical and realistic. I’ve got a couple of inherent weaknesses and I know they can’t really be completely restored. But even with those issues, the team have managed to put me back on course for restarting some of the things I used to enjoy, but which up until late last year I thought I’d never do again. In fact it’s fair to say I’ve regained a bit of my youth (I’m getting my motorbike out again soon) and that’s priceless!
So I’d say if you hurt and feel there’s nothing to be done, give them a try….. You never know!
To all at the Health Hub, please keep going, just as you are….. You’re brilliant!”

- Ian



originally posted 21st August 2019  

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