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Finding Direction & Time for Self-Care: A HealthHub MOT Success Story

Apr 29, 2023
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Have you ever felt like you have no time for yourself? Like your life is spinning out of control and you're just about holding on for dear life, but certainly not in the driver's seat?

You're not the only one!

This story is from one of our lovely clients, Esther, who felt like she needed some direction and to take back control of her life. Her demanding job meant she had little time for herself and her self-care, sleep and anxiety were getting worse and worse.

This story is all about how she turned that all around with the help of an MOT.

So if you want to find out how you can do the same, read on...



"I was in a bit of pickle before I came in for a HealthHub MOT. I work full time for the NHS in a very demanding area. My son recently went traveling on a one-way ticket and I just lost my mum. Everything became overwhelming and my body and mental health were suffering. I’d lost motivation and was stuck in a rut, worrying about everyone else! I wasn’t sleeping and this was affecting my family and daily life. I was feeling very low. I was spiraling and needed some direction.


My back hurt from standing for hours at work in theatre. My posture was getting worse, shoulders were sore and weak meaning I couldn’t surf. I’d also noticed my breathing was very shallow which made swimming and running hard. I needed help with all these things along with improving my confidence and self-belief. I needed some guidance on how to control my anxiety and improve my sleep, in order to function. I wanted to feel good again, back to my old self. I couldn’t believe that all this could be helped with the HealthHub MOT!


I went into my MOT with an open mind. I never dreamt how much we would cover in one session, but at no point was I overwhelmed or rushed. I felt they had all the time in the world to focus just on me! They listened to all my concerns and knew exactly what route of action to take. It felt totally achievable, bitesize, so interesting and made total sense.


This MOT experience was completely tailor made for me. Abbie was amazing, a real confidence giver. She explained everything in such a way that I wanted to start immediately! After the session, everything was emailed to me, the summary, plan, exercises and videos. Perfect for someone as forgetful as me!


I’ve realised I was breathing all wrong which was making my anxiety worse. Now I have some simple breathing techniques to handle different situations which I’ve put into practice at work and other life situations. They have helped me in such a positive way. For that alone, I am eternally grateful!


I loved the tools they used;

· “Whole Health Wheels” were easy to understand and clearly highlighted the areas needing the attention. In time I will be clearly able to compare the difference to see what is working well and potentially what area I need to work harder on.

· “Goal Flow Chart” clearly and concisely maps out my goals and how I will achieve them. It breaks them down into achievable actions to avoid me feeling overwhelmed.


After my MOT I felt engaged, energised and focused on making some much needed changes. I realised how I’d put myself at the bottom of the list, behind everyone and everything else. The input and experience from the team at the HealthHub is second to none. I am now a firm believer of having an annual MOT with biannual check in’s to make sure I’m progressing and on the right track both mentally and physically. We give our cars more attention than ourselves!!


If you are thinking of having a HealthHub MOT my advice is simply “GO FOR IT!”

Think about what your current struggles are and what you want to achieve. Go in with an open mind and the possibility of change. You will love it. It’s the best thing I have ever done, investing in this experience. I would recommend it to everyone whatever your age or current problem!


- Esther



Thank you Esther for sharing your story! We are so glad you feel back on track and progressing!


If like Esther did, you need a helping hand to take back control of your life, find time for self-care, and have aches, pains and niggles getting in the way of you feeling great, then you can give us a call on 01548 852 355, or contact [email protected] to speak to one of the team about how a HealthHub MOT can help you. You can read more about our MOT by clicking here.

Or if you would like more information you can also enquire about cost and availability here.


With love,


and the HealthHub Team


P.S. If you'd like to find out more about the MOT and how it can help you, you can request a FREE MOT Discovery Visit by clicking here


you can click here to enquire about a FREE phone call with a specialist to talk more about the MOT with one of our team

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