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Long Term Aches & Pains And Traumatic Injuries Don't Have To Limit Your Life: A Success Story

May 12, 2022
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Here is a great story of how you don’t need to suffer needlessly. You can make changes to knee, shoulder and neck pain, no matter how long it's been there for. Not only that, but major injuries, like tearing an ACL, and even surgery don't have to mean saying goodbye to the activities you once loved. It's totally possible to recover with the right help, and live a life free from pain.

Thank you for sharing your story Nick. We all think you are amazing with what you have achieved!


“Without The HealthHub I would be far less active than I am now"


"The HealthHub helped me fix both long term and recent traumatic muscle injuries and, when required, have seen me at short notice.

I had a neck spasm injury caused by a fall 25 years previously. I was regularly in severe pain and had to wear a neck brace at times, which meant activities such as driving or looking sideways for any period was difficult and painful. 

I thought it was incurable, having only ever seen a doctor who prescribed pain relief tablets. I didn’t know physio could resolve the issue, but my wife had received treatment at The HealthHub and kept encouraging me to go.

The HealthHub took a different, more holistic approach to my injury and sought to get to the root cause of the pain, rather than simply treating the immediate injury or pain. They were professional, friendly and enthusiastic throughout the whole team.

After my neck treatment I subsequently sought immediate help for several other injuries. I had an ACL knee ligament rupture, ankle ligament and shoulder joint injuries over a 5 year period which was preventing me from skiing, walking, hiking and playing golf - all of which I love doing. 

The HealthHub motivated me to stick to the 9 month rehabilitation regime of my ACL injury that needed surgery, which was hard work and required a big effort - as I was older than the ideal age to have the operation. Ultimately it was totally successful!

Now, all my injuries are pain free! I haven’t had a neck spasm for years, so talking to someone to the side of me at a dinner table is no longer a concern. I can walk, hike, play golf, and ski with no concerns - although I think my bid to be an Olympian is still a pipe dream – a fundamental lack of finesse being the main reason, not the physio treatment.

My experience with The HealthHub has made me realise the need to stay flexible and that, as your body ages, there are ways to retain free movement. If you are seeking help from The HealthHub JUST GO and be amazed by their ability to get to the root of your health problems and ensure you lead a normal life as far as is possible.

What is more important – living with pain or trying to get it treated?"

- Nick



I hope you found some inspiration in Nick's story.


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