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The Most Important Thing To Do If You Are Busy & Tired

Mar 10, 2022

“How are you Vic” I get asked, on a daily basis.  My standard reply,  “You know, pretty busy!”.  I use the word “busy” a lot.  There are definitely many levels of “busy” but as a rule most of us cram our day with so much doing and box ticking that when we actually get time for really important things that feed our soul we are pooped or out of time.

I have realised a few things about the word “busy” recently.

a) I don’t want my life to be defined by being busy.

b) Although I am “busy” I am seldom productive.  I don’t make the best use of my time.  I keep pushing to get things done in the hope that tomorrow won’t have quite so many things on my list.

c) I am pretty guilt ridden because I haven’t made the most of the day and prioritised work over fun stuff. Boring!

d) I am tired.  Fun stuff, socialising and doing things that make me smile and feed my soul is prioritised out.  I feel a bit miserable sometimes because how am I going to make more time for fun in my life?

e) Even when I am not working I am still doing “jobs” and am busy!

Do you feel any of these things? I don’t think I am alone on this.

I read something the other day that said,

“The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression”

- Dr Stuart Brown, Play Researcher

Gulp.  I think back to last week and when I was most happy.  It was playing with my daughter on the beach larking about chasing each other.  I was laughing and totally in the moment.  I was playing.

  • Play is super important for shaping our brain.  Children do it all the time for this exact reason and we actively encourage it in them so why not as adults?
  • Play opens up our mind and imagination.
  • When we play we are present.  Something many of us are not,  being so caught up in our inner musings.  Being present gives our brain space and a chance to come up with some good answers or simply our brain gets a rest!
  • Play invigorates our soul.  No wonder I felt so wonderful mucking around on the beach!

With all these proven benefits,  do you schedule your “play” time into your week?  Do you make it a priority?

Brene Brown has found in research that,

“Rest and play are as vital to our health as nutrition and exercise”.

This is AMAZING news.  I want to be the one being silly,  laughing,  skipping around having fun.  I want to be present,  free from my worries,  distractions and frustrations.  Who wants to join me?!?  I know that life is all about the journey not the destination so we need plenty of fun and play along the way,  not always plumping for a rest.

This week I have 3 simple things for you to do….

  1. Grade how much you play on a scale 0-10.  0 being no play or fun and jobs all the way and 10 being like a child!  Take note of this number.

2. Plan your week first by putting in your play time every day to be silly,  laugh and let go a bit.  Then factor in your jobs / work time!

3. At the end of the week,  re-do your play score and see how you feel on the inside.

I so want to know what you get up to.  Please tell us how you get on and what you have done today to play.  Remember what Brene found….

“Rest and play are as vital to our health as nutrition and exercise”
originally posted 22nd August 2017  

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