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The Top 5 Exercises to Do If You Want to Get Fit But Have Knee Trouble

Oct 28, 2022
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When talking exercise, we need to go right back to when you were little. As a child, I bet you couldn’t wait for break time to run around. Perhaps you can’t remember those days, because as adults, exercise and movement take on heaps of negative associations. This is made worse if you’ve got a few aches, pains or health problems that are a constant worry.

Doing something physical at the end of a long day is normally the last thing anyone has the motivation or energy for. Especially when time is precious.

Vic has already smashed down the common barrier’s folk use to avoid exercise. If you missed that, click here

The key things to reassure you on before starting your exercise programme are as follows;



It’s no longer a scary word. Simply pick the effort level that is right for you. Push yourself as hard as feels tolerable for the allotted time, and rest in the recovery time. This type of exercise programme gives you the best outcome in the least time.



Let me get straight to the point. You only need 5 minutes. Everyone can find that in their day.


Lack of Self-Esteem and Body Confidence

So many people don’t exercise because they lack confidence and worry what they look like. Whether it’s clothing related or how hot, pink, and sweaty you go, the following exercise programme can be done in your own home so no one will see you. You are fast running out of excuses!


Clueless On What To Do

To get a good sweat on, movements should be challenging but achievable. You need to push yourself enough to raise your heart rate but not too much that you feel sore for days after or hurt yourself. There is a sweet spot. You need to start, and we always recommend starting more gently to build confidence and familiarity with the movements before pushing yourself further.


All exercise should be adaptable based on your own body and ability. It’s important to use your whole body when doing these exercises.

To keep things even more simple, I’ve put together my “Power 5” to get your going and keep you going!


The Start Line Advice

  • Both programmes below target the whole body to give you maximum benefit.
  • Each of the 5 movements should be completed one after the other in the allotted time. For example, as a beginner push yourself for 20seconds, rest for 40seconds and repeat 5 times. (click here for more details on the timings)
  • Start at a lower intensity level to build confidence then gradually increase the intensity.
  • You won’t need equipment or much space, just a timer.
  • Listen to your body and make adaptations if stuff hurts or doesn’t feel right.
  • Don’t panic if something does hurt. First, ask yourself if the grumble is from hard work that your muscles aren’t used to. Everyone who exercises will experience some muscle soreness. Try to identify the problem, see if its correctable, adapt a movement or stop it and do a different movement instead. If you can’t pinpoint the problem, see a professional, as I’m constantly saying to my patients don’t let a niggle get worse. Get some advice so you can keep moving and exercising.


Your Options Are….

You can either:

Choose one exercise of the “Power 5” and repeat it 5 times. Over consecutive days do each of the other ones, so you’ve worked through all the exercises over the week.


Run through each of the Power 5 exercises, in turn during each training session.

Don’t be afraid to take control of your body, your exercise and ultimately your results.


Low Impact Power 5 - Knee Friendly

This power 5 HIIT workout is low impact, reducing the impact on your knees, while targeting the whole body.

1. Marching, with or without over shoulder press

2. Squat

3. Wall press ups

4. Punching

5. ½ Star



Advanced Power 5

Upping the level and impact, this power 5 HIIT is sure to get your heart rate up, but remain easily adaptable to your level - be fearless!

This is for those who are already pretty fit or have already mastered the knee wise movements.

1. Jack or Jump squat

2. Mountain Climber

3. Jog/Sprint on the spot

4. Lunge

5. Shoulder Taps


The Bottom Line

When it comes to doing exercise, research shows us there are loads of physical and mental health benefits. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore or something that makes you feel sick, or hurt at the thought of it. With a higher intensity shorter workout, you save time and see the results.



If you still aren’t feeling motivated when it’s time to move, just play. Do some fun movements that make you feel like a big kid. These fun activities can make you sweat and give you the benefits. Some things you could try are;

- Dancing in the front room like no one’s watching

- Kick a ball around in park or garden

- Skipping

- Hula hopping

- Play around with children or grandchildren – they’ve always got heaps of ideas of having fun!

Whatever you opt for; remember the purpose, set your timer, put on some music, and get a bit sweaty!


And Finally…

If you are unsure about any of this or want some further advice, just call or drop us an email. We are so happy to help. We even offer a DISCOVERY VISIT with Abbie, for you to find out more about how to start exercising when you have a few niggles or health problems. Simply call 01548 852355 or email [email protected] Tell us what is going on and what you want to achieve. You can do it. It really isn’t too late.

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