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The Top 6 Reasons You Don’t Do Your Exercises and Training

Mar 09, 2022
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Lets face it, we are all busy people with lots on our “To Do” list every day.  So when your Physio gives you training / exercises to do at home between appointments it adds something else to your list.  This vital training is the stuff that will get you pain free, moving great, not reliant on painkillers, achieving your goals.  So why does it often get bumped off your daily “To Do”?

We believe there are a few main reasons for this. Here they are;

Not prioritising yourself, your body and your needs in your day

If you don’t put yourself at the top of our “To Do” list who else will?  You prioritise other people and things ahead of yourself.  You don’t schedule time in your day for self care until your body is screaming at you to do something! Helping yourself by taking the time to train to move and use your body differently will give you a long term solution. View it as a commitment to yourself and your long term health and wellbeing.

You start feeling better

As soon as things start feeling better it is common for patients to think they don’t need to do their training anymore so self care slips down your daily priority list again….Until the next time you get sore and the time after that. The training programme we give you has one main aim of solving the problem for you permanently, not just a temporary plaster fix until the next episode. So please keep going and keep prioritising yourself.

You don’t fully understand what your training is about and what you are doing?

Training is designed to release your old way (strategy) of moving then train and re-programme a better way to move in all tasks not just the sore ones.  By improving your body’s movement strategies and giving you more options in how you move you will become more robust and able to cope with your daily physical and emotional challenges.  This in turn prevents problems and niggles recurring.  Training change in your movement is a long term solution. It opens up your world to doing the things you thought you never would again.  You can’t train permanent change in a few weeks.  You can make initial changes but you wont be robust enough and the problem will recur or manifest in a different way.

You don’t know how to fit your training in to your daily life in a realistic and manageable way

Talk to your Physio. It may be we have given you too many things to do, you feel confused or unsure about what we want you to do or we weren’t clear about certain aspects of your programme.  There are always ways of adapting your training to fit in to your life.  We can help you with this.  Forming a habit is also important but you can only do this when you fully get what you need to do and feel the benefits of it!

Feeling overwhelmed

Us Physio’s can get carried away and excited about the body, how we can help and how many exercises we give you.  These 3 things are key reasons why our patients can feel overwhelmed! We also generally love talking and all the information we give you can feel totally overwhelming. So, tell us if you are feeling this and we can come up with a training programme that is enjoyable, manageable, achievable and a joy to do!

Not feeling any benefit from doing your training / exercises

If you don’t feel training is working for you tell your Physio.  We need and want to know as our priority is helping you!  There are several reasons why you may not be feeling the benefit such as incorrect technique, things need to be made more or less challenging, exercises need to be adapted to different positions or loads or you have other pressures in your life at this moment.  There are so many reasons.  We won’t be able to help you if you don’t tell us how you are feeling so please please do!

Your “One Thing” this week is to tell us how you are feeling and talk to us.  We want to know as you are our priority and we are here to help you.  If you have any questions, queries or concerns please call us now so you don’t waste time before your next appointment.  The solution may be simple.  Let’s talk!



originally posted  14th June 2017  

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