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Wanna Play a Game?

Jun 06, 2023


You know how it goes… You start something new,  you are excited,  feeling motivated,  you start imagining a different future,  your confidence is growing and you are full of hope.

It’s all going well then CRASH!

The wheels fall off or should I say,  your wheels fall off.  You aggravate yourself by doing something quite normal.  Something you might normally do but you “relaxed:”  just a bit too much thinking everything would be ok.  After all,  you have started your rehab!

It is SO incredibly easy to sink into ones pit of doom and feel there’s no point in trying further.

After all, whats the point, you’ve been here before.  You plucked up the courage to try something again or even something new that might sort out your back pain /  neck problem / niggly shoulders / issues with peeing yourself / getting fit /  wobbly tummy etc etc (delete where appropriate).  You had that wonderful yet “dangerous” thing called hope coursing through your veins and your neurones urging you to believe that it is possible to feel different in your own body and that there is something and someone who can help you make the changes that will transform your life and your future.

You’ve put everything down to your age.

Thats a common one I hear numerous times every day.  By saying this it gives us this wonderful green card to not try  because after all,  nothing can be done to roll back the hands of time (I’m sure there is a song in there!).  Much like me trying to get back on the fitness band wagon,  I will make every excuse under the sun that I’m too busy and prioritise absolutely EVERYTHING else over doing the one thing that will not only help my physical body but also be an invaluable and much needed de-stressor.   There is and will always be an excuse.  An easy way out.  A way to validate you giving up or stopping the one thing that you had hope in that could make the difference to your future.

It’s the easiest thing for our brain and our body to do, just accept the situation for what it is. However,  the little gem I share with you today is;

It’s all a game of snakes and Ladders!

Much like life!  Think about it,  when have you ever experienced a time when everything went smoothly,  no glitches,  all plane sailing?  NO no no!  It never happens.  Like business (I have finally come to realise 9 years in) just when you think you’ve got it sorted WHAM something happens and your on your metaphorical bottom once again.  It can be totally and utterly soul destroying.  Continually having to find the energy and reignite the hope and belief that things can change for the better.  Your body will feel better and different.

I can guarantee you two things

1. You will absolutely and with total certainty always find a snake.

It may be a tiny little adder if you are lucky,  however,  it might also be the mother of all pythons.


2. There will always be a ladder!

Hooray.!! Just hang in there.  Keep believing and never,  never,  under any circumstances give up.  Stick with it because you have come so very far already and as I mentioned above,  it will never be simple,  straight forward and plane sailing.

As I write this now,  there is nothing truer and more important that I need to read and remember right now.  It may not be related to something physical I am experiencing but it is so true of life in general.

Life is like hurdling WITH a box of chocolates (thanks Forest!)

Perhaps the hurdles are different sizes and relate to different situations.  The box of chocolates may be different too!  But  never forget there is always something we need to figure out how to jump over and something we weren’t expecting to crop up in our path.

So please please remember this as we approach the end of the year.  Remember all those things you wanted to achieve or to happen this year that have not quite worked out yet or happened at all.  Perhaps even things you haven’t got round to yet.  Keep believing,  keep trying,  have the faith that it all will work out and you can feel different.

You can and will feel different and life can and will be different.  Hold on to your hope.

Please don’t give up when you hear “ it’s your age”  or “its wear and tear”  or “you need to keep taking those painkillers”.

You will always hit a snake but you will always find a ladder more likely sooner rather than later.

Today I will leave you with the finest line John Cleese has ever spoken from the film Clockwise…… “

“Despair I can handle….It’s the hope!”

Please don’t stop hoping.  Hoping for all sorts of things in your life and this world.

Have a great week.

P.s. If you are hoping for things to be different in your body please call us and get in touch.  We want to help you and show you there is a different future out there than you currently think.  We do this with people every single day.  Their stories want to make me cry and do make me cry regularly.  Believe it can be different and it will.

originally posted 16th November 2018  

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